New “Stranger Things” season 2 trailer drops at SDCC


Stranger Things returns this October but not everything is running smoothly for the kids of Hawkins.

In the new trailer released at San Diego Comic Con, everyone is preparing for a battle with a monster of epic proportions. The footage below gives the thessalhydra an even scarier look as well as the rocky return of Will Byers to Hawkins.

It’s been teased that Will Byers (Noah Schnapp) would be getting a larger storyline in this upcoming season and the new trailer above confirms it. Back from the Upside-Down, Will seems to be having terrifying episodes where he’s be beckoned back into the horrifying world. With the threat of the thessalhydra growing larger (literally the thing is huge!) the Hawkins gang is forced to battle the supernatural forces again.

Things aren’t great for the other kids either, with Mike and Nancy looking quite forlorn throughout the trailer. Considering they were the only two to lose friends, the siblings will most likely be on a path for justice and grieving. Luckily for the younger Wheeler, Eleven will be returning to help the gang fight in Season 2 and her arrival is teased.

Despite seeming like she died or was on the run last season, it’s revealed that the young girl has been trapped in the Upside-Down all along but will make her break out when the weird holes of goo start appearing around town.

Photo Credit: Netflix

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Of course, not everyone is having a bad time! While Barb won’t be returning (Justice for Barb!), it looks like Steve and his fantastic hair will be having a great time in the 1980’s.

A short scene of him at a party is enough to remind viewers that these characters are kids facing off against something much larger than themselves.

It’s mirrored in the opening scene of the trailer with the group of boys happily playing Dragon’s Lair at an arcade before poor Will is transported back to the Upside-Down again.

Netflix debuts the second season of Stranger Things on October 28th, making it the perfect show to binge watch over Halloween. Sound off in the comments below with your thoughts on the trailer and if you’re excited for the return of the nostalgic horror series!