Insecure season 2 preview and synopsis for episode 2, “Hella Questions”


The trailer for the rest of Insecure season 2 shows the aftermath of Issa and Lawrence’s “cryptic encounter.”

Issa spent most of Insecure’s season 2 premiere distracting herself from the fact that she misses Lawrence by going on a series of bad dates and dedicating herself to making her latest work assignment succeed, only to later admit to Molly that she wanted him back.

While her attempt to get Lawrence to see that she was doing great without him by staging a “wine down” (which quickly went astray) at the exact same time he was supposed to pick up his mail failed after the former Best Buy employee decided to take Tasha out on a proper date, the former couple eventually reunited in the form of a brief hook up.

The second episode of the show’s sophomore season is aptly titled “Hella Questions,” since that’s what we’re left with regarding Lawrence and Issa’s future, the relationship status of Lawrence and Tasha, and what the next steps Molly will take at work to fix the pay disparity she discovered in “Hella Great,” between herself and a white male colleague who’s been at the law firm the same amount of time as her.

HBO has provided the following synopsis for episode 2 of season 2:

"Issa (Issa Rae) tries to make sense of a cryptic encounter. Lawrence (Jay Ellis) considers crucial decisions. After being on the receiving end of harsh truths, Molly (Yvonne Orji) plots to join the office “boys club.” Issa and Frieda (Lisa Joyce) encounter a problematic vice principal."

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As described above, it looks like both Issa and Molly’s professional lives will remain just as complicated as their personal lives, as the latter seeks to correct her current predicament given her newly acquired information, while the former may regret not dropping her efforts to break through to students at a majority Latino high school where even the staff aren’t making things easy.

Included in the trailer for the remainder of the season shown after the premiere were scenes from the second episode where Issa admits to Molly that she had sex with Lawrence, though she’s less forthcoming with Tiffany and Kelly, who informs Issa about Tasha’s existence. Needless to say, viewers shouldn’t expect a quick reconciliation between Issa and Lawrence anytime soon.

This causes Issa to give up on love for the moment, opting instead to ask Molly to “teach me how to hoe.” But her attempts to develop a “hoetation” via online dating apps don’t seem to quite work out as planned, and she’s soon tempted by the return of Daniel, the ex-boyfriend who she cheated on Lawrence with in the first season. Meanwhile, Lawrence is faced with deciding just how serious he wants things to get with Tasha.

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Insecure season 2, episode 2 — “Hella Questions” — airs next Sunday, July 30th at 10:30 p.m. ET on HBO.