5 awesome complete television series you can binge watch right now

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#1. Justified

US Marshall Raylan Givens is “a bad Marshall, but a good lawman”.  Set in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky, this modern day western based on the short stories of Elmore Leonard is maybe the most overlooked drama in the new golden age of television, holding a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Justified wasn’t even close to the highest rated show on FX at the time, as Sons of Anarchy held that banner high. But unlike Sons, which came out of the gate strong only to taper off in quality, Justified started slow but by the middle of season 2, hit a stride that it seldom didn’t maintain.

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Timothy Olyphant shines as Raylan Givens, but the true scene stealer throughout the entire series was Boyd Crowder, played by Walton Goggins. These two men were straight up born for these roles, and the writers of the show were able to craft a 6 season arc for these two men that is as satisfying to watch play out as any other show.

But where Justified truly shined was in its side characters. Margo Martindale won an Emmy for her role as Mags Bennett in season 2. Mykelti Williamson, Sam Elliot, Mary Steenburgen, Neal McDonough, and Patton Oswalt were all side characters that were added at some point in the show, and they were as developed and nuanced as any main player.

The thing about Justified that made it unique from the other shows of its era was the humor. Raylan and Boyd were sharp tongued and quick witted. As a southerner myself, it was a wonderful experience

to see southern accents done so well, and the words being said in those accents to be so pointed, specific, and perfect.

Whether the show is dealing with coal miners, coal companies, the Dixie Mafia, addicts, or drunks…everyone on the show is perfectly sassy and unapologetically southern. And damn, do I love it so much.

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Justified is available on Amazon Prime. All of these shows are perfect for binge watching, and again, no need to wait for a final season. They’re all completed, have great endings, and are well worth the journey.