Orphan Black Recap: “Guillotines Decide”


With only two episodes left, Orphan Black reminds the clones that the stakes are higher than ever in their fight against Neolution and Westmoreland.

Unfortunately, that reminder comes in form of a tragic death which will undoubtedly impact every sister in an extreme way. “Guillotines Decide,” has the clones’ lose their number one ally and protector along with Helena to Westmoreland’s evil plans. With a dark road ahead, it looks like Orphan Black is going to close out its final episodes with a lot of blood shed.

Can Sarah ever catch a break? She’s lost her birth mother, Paul, MK, and now S to Neolution and its extended villains. At this point, Sarah has been around the block a few times and knows that S is up to something with Delphine but is unable to pinpoint it. She doesn’t actually figure out much other than that her foster mother had teamed up with Ferdinand which she eventually forgives because of the information he helped them retrieve.

What she doesn’t know is that S convinced Rachel to double cross Ferdinand who was hoping to take over Dyad with the information which would make him millions. While he’s unable to choke the life out of Rachel, he has no qualms going after Siobhan. After last week, it would have been easy to see Rachel revert back to her normal Neolution self but “Guillotines Decide,” places her firmly on the side of her sisters. Despite being the newest member of Clone Club, Mrs. S’s death will be just another parental figure she lost to the murderous nature of Dyad. If that isn’t enough to see her focus her cold-hearted business nature on Westmoreland than nothing will.

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Almost completely out of the loop this episode is Felix who returns with Adele for his art gallery opening. There are a few fun callbacks in this episode, including Felix’s impressive portraits of all of his sisters and the morgue attendant he was sleeping with in the first season. “Guillotines Decide,” prefaced the inevitable emotional fallout of his foster mother’s death with him giving a touching speech in honor of Sarah, S, and Adele with the entire family finally at ease. Yet when everyone is completely happy on Orphan Black it’s usually a sign that something terrible is about to come.

Siobhan’s death isn’t the only horrible event to take place in “Guillotines Decide” with Helena getting herself caught up in some trouble. Gracie caught up to her last week in an attempt to trade her to Coach in exchange for Mark being cured. Unfortunately, Helena offering her a family was too much for Gracie who changes her mind at the last minute to keep her babies she’s carrying safely. However, Engers (Art’s terrible partner) tracks the two down and manages to subdue Helena and shoot Gracie to death. It’s a massive mistake on her part, thus confirming that the full force of Helena will come upon her and Mark will definitely switch sides upon learning that his wife has been murdered.

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In happier news, Cosima and Delphine are able to make the underhanded dealings of Dyad (and by extension Neolution) public which might finally turn the tables for the clones legally. Kira is shuffled off screen for the final battles to hide out at Art’s ex-wife’s place with Charlotte. With two of the kids safe from Westmoreland, the clock will be ticking to save Helena’s twins before it’s too late. With Mrs. S’s death, Sarah will be on a war path, and there’s very little that could stop her from getting vengeance for her mother’s death.