Twin Peaks Recap: “The Return Part 12”


Twin Peaks slows down this week with “The Return Part 12,” not even touching base on the Dougie storyline or Evil Cooper.

While the episode doesn’t make any huge movements plot wise, it does reward viewers with the return of a longtime fan favorite. After being teased for weeks, Audrey Horne makes her triumphant arrival to the revival just as foul-mouthed and fun as she was in her teenage years. She isn’t the only original character to pop by in “The Return Part 12,” because the show spends a majority of the episode touching base with a lot of the originals by staying within the small Washington town.

Despite Richard’s attempt on Miriam’s life, it turns out that Sheriff Truman was still able to get the truth relatively quickly. While he may not have gotten her letter (it’s only a matter of time though), he is officially tracking the villainous Horne down while reconnecting with Ben. At this point, Ben is tired of hearing bad news from his family who constantly seem to trample over him nowadays. Upon learning of Richard’s escalation in crime, he does nothing but sigh and instantly offers to pay all of Miriam’s medical expenses. Despite the onslaught of familial problems, he does remember to hand over Cooper’s old room key that recently came into his possession to the Sheriff hoping it would be a nice memento for Harry. Hopefully, once Hawk sees it he’ll be able to track it down to Dougie’s general vicinity so that the old team can finally be reunited.

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Speaking of Hornes’, Audrey is back in “The Return Part 12” and apparently stuck in an unhappy contractual marriage. Despite having a lazy husband who she is clearly not attracted to and has zero affection for, she’s still just as biting as ever. She’s in a frenzy to find someone named Billy, who she is sleeping with that apparently a woman named “Tina” saw last. After a string of expletives and insults, her husband eventually calls this Tina for information but refuses to tell his wife anything despite how shocking the news he receives is. Anyone afraid that this “Billy” is actually her son, Richard? It would be a massive disappointment if Twin Peaks takes an extraordinary character like Audrey and turn her into an incestuous downtrodden wife.

Sarah Palmer is the perfect example of how staying in the town has slowly destroyed her wife. First, she lost her beloved daughter, Laura, and then to lose Leland after discovering he was the one who murdered their child. She’s been spending her time drinking booze and the smallest change in the grocery store, like turkey jerky, is enough to send her spiraling with paranoid premonitions.

Yelling at the young blonde cashier that “men are coming” and for her to “get out,” seems to confirm that the group of murderous vagabonds from the previous episodes are heading for the town and this Laura look-alike could be in trouble. “The Return Part 12,” sets up Sarah to be a part of the bigger mystery with a strange noise coming from her kitchen when Hawk comes by to check on her and considering she was one of the few who could see BOB in the original series, she may have already seen the homeless spirits.

On the pursuit of Evil Cooper, the “Blue Rose” group is still hanging out at the hotel trying to discover what happened. Tammy is officially a member of the investigation team but is still kept out of the loop with the important information such as Diane potentially double-crossing them. While the messages are still vague enough to make it seem like she might be involved with someone else that’s not Cooper but she is able to discover the coordinates on the arm from last week led to the town of Twin Peaks. It’s a bit of a shock that none of these federal agents are able to put that together themselves but it will be interesting if she chooses to share this information with the group in the next episode.

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With only six episodes left before the revival finishes, Twin Peaks will need to start tying the story together. Considering David Lynch has claimed that there will be no second season, “The Return Part 12,” marks the last time the show can afford a filler episode. Hopefully, now the real Agent Cooper will make his triumphant return soon so that he can face off with the Evil Cooper back in the Lodge.