Game of Thrones Dead Pool: Who’s most likely to die on “The Spoils of War”?

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1. Grey Worm 75%

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Oh, Grey Worm. Last week saw Grey Worm and the rest of the Unsullied attack Casterly Rock. Using a back door known only to Tyrion Lannister, the Unsullied were largely successful in sacking the home of House Lannister.

Unbeknownst to Grey Worm though, Euron Greyjoy has a teleporter and was able to make it from King’s Landing all the way around Westeros to Casterly Rock in the blink of an eye. Fair or not though, Grey Worm now finds himself in a very dangerous position.

Not only did Grey Worm only defeat a token force of Lannisters inside Casterly Rock, the bulk of the Lannister forces took all the supplies with them. That means Grey Worm cannot simply hunker down inside the castle, and with his ships destroyed by Euron, Grey Worm can’t escape to the sea either. That leaves Grey Worm with two options, neither of them good.

Grey Worm could choose to wait inside Casterly Rock, the safest option in the short term. But without food supplies, Grey Worm and the rest of the Unsullied will quickly starve to death. The other option would be marching out of Casterly Rock and hoping to somehow link up with Daenerys’ forces… on the other side of the continent.

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Marching across Westeros, largely controlled by House Lannister seems like a death sentence. Grey Worm would face enemies at every turn, and would not even know the lay of the land. He could just as easily march straight to King’s Landing as he could to friendly territory. Things aren’t looking good for Grey Worm.