Four more new actors join the cast of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why season 2


After adding seven cast members earlier this week, 13 Reasons Why continues with the new additions for its sophomore season.

While the first round of new characters on Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why was mainly made up of students, these four will be playing adults who are shaping the lives of some of the maladjusted teenagers on the show. And, considering how many of these kids turned out to have some pretty questionable morals and values, it will be interesting to see the adults that raised them.

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The most enticing new characters are Barry and Nora Walker, the parents of school golden-boy and rapist, Bryce.  Much like his son, Barry is beloved by the community as well as a successful hedge fund manager.

He’ll be played by Jake Weber, famous from Medium and Hell on Wheels, as the patriarch who will undoubtedly attempt to discredit Hannah Baker’s tapes next season in hopes of keeping his son out of trouble. Meanwhile, Brenda Strong who recently finished her stint on Supergirl as evil matriarch to the Luthor family, will be taking over as doting wife and mother to Bryce on 13 Reasons Why.

Considering how villainous their son is, the parents will probably embark on trying to salvage their reputation despite the damning evidence against him.

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They aren’t the only parents to be added to the mix, with Meredith Monroe (Criminal Minds) taking over as Alex’s mother. It comes as no surprise that Carolyn, a hard-working nurse, and loving mom, would appear in this upcoming season of 13 Reasons Why after her son ended the show in the hospital.

With Alex’s life hanging in the balance from either an attempted suicide or murder, Carolyn will have a lot on her plate. Considering she was missing from the entirety of season one, it will be interesting to see her relationship with the rest of the Standall family.

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Last but not least is RJ Brown (Tycoon and The Carrie Diaries) who will be playing Caleb, the warm-hearted but fiercely competitive boxing coach to Tony. Considering Tony’s sexuality, it seems like Caleb could be a potential love interest for season two.

Nevertheless, it will be nice to see a character who seems to be a genuinely nice guy rather than have hidden intentions like many of the other people at Liberty High School.

With the additions of two sets of parents, 13 Reasons Why looks like it will explore the familial lives to some of the kids next season. While it’s exciting to see more characters get screen time, it begs the question whether the show will have enough episodes next season to properly give everyone the time they deserve.

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Unless Netflix is planning on giving the drama an extended season, it’s a bit worrisome for some of the minor characters last season who didn’t get a huge storyline.