Twin Peaks Recap: “The Return Part 13”


Twin Peaks brings back an iconic piece of the show’s history in “The Return Part 13,” but still has the characters stuck in a bit of a rut.

The series has always been incredibly slow-paced, choosing to focus on tiny details of stories that many people would deem unnecessary. While that’s enjoyable to a certain point, there has been so little movement that it feels like Twin Peaks is taking an unbearably long time to get a storyline anywhere. With only five episodes left in the revival, the show may have spent too much time on the journey rather than the destination.

Dougie is back this week and he has yet to make any big leaps back to Agent Cooper. After befriending the casino moguls, he’s thanked with a new car as well as a play set for his kid which enamors but his wife and boss. However, this new friendship spells trouble for Anthony who was hoping that the mobsters would kill Dougie for him.

Desperate to save his own skin, he makes a feeble attempt to poison his coworker before having a change of heart and confessing to his boss. Unfortunately, he’ll now need to act as a double agent trying to reveal his own rival mobster boss as well as the detective who is helping him. It turns out, it’s not the three brothers who are working in the insurance scam, but instead a new cop, however, his casual conversation outside with another detective makes it seem like the entire department could be dirty.

“The Return Part 13,” doesn’t check in with the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department but it does head back to the town to give an update on some of the characters there. Becky is back in her trailer, tearfully waiting for Steven despite her resolve to leave him only a few episodes ago. On a happier note, it turns out Norma has turned the Double R diner into a successful franchise. However, her board is unhappy with the losses she’s suffering from the flagship due to Norma insisting on using real ingredients to make her famous pie.

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While her boyfriend, and partner, is insistent on cutting costs, Norma is undoubtedly going to maintain the dignity of her diner rather than become a sell-out. Poor Big Ed is still clearly in love with Norma, and since it seems like he’s left Nadine (in spite of her successful curtain business), so here’s hoping those two can work out their differences.

Young Richard Horne re-emerges in “The Return Part 13,” revealing that he escaped to “The Farm” that Ray was speaking about earlier in the season.  Unsurprisingly Evil Coop manages to track down his murderer, become the leader of a new gang, and get a lot of information out of Ray all in the span of a few minutes. While the latter may have been a one note character, he does shed some light on the mysterious circumstances of their situation. Ray was apparently hired by Philip Jefferies (the late David Bowie), an FBI agent who has been missing for almost as long as Cooper.

Since Jefferies was a part of the Blue Rose task force as well as someone who got information for Evil Coop before realizing he was a doppelgänger, it makes you wonder how long it will take for Gordon to finally catch on. Ray meets his end after handing over the coordinates that William Hastings received from Major Briggs, and puts on the infamous owl ring which he was given on his way out of prison. The ring ends up back in the Lodge, but after being carefully placed it is only a matter of time before it comes back into play.

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Since Twin Peaks took a break from Bobby’s, Hawk’s, and Sheriff Truman’s investigation as well as Gordon’s, next week will probably check back in with them. “The Return Part 13,” feels like yet another slow episode of this revival that felt like a stalling tactic to extend the season. At least Audrey was back tonight, however, she may have sustained more brain damage than initially seen in her brief appearance last week. Hopefully, Twin Peaks picks up the pace now that the show as five episodes to wrap up the show with no news of a renewal.