Kit Harington wants Jon Snow to wear hats and ride dragons


After petting a dragon on Game of Thrones 705, “Eastwatch,” Jon Snow actor Kit Harington is ready to ride one.

Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington (Jon Snow) sat down with the New York Times to discuss, among other things, wearing a hat when he goes north beyond the Wall, as well as riding a dragon…eventually.

Harington says he asked for a hat while the show was shooting in Iceland, but the decision was made to show the actors’ faces. He also spoke to who the father of Jon Snow actually is, and while that may have been the first thing on young Jon Snow’s mind in season 1, he has much bigger things to worry about now.

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"I think that even if he found out now, it wouldn’t really change matters, because this guy, the Night King, is on his tail, and he knows nothing matters unless they deal with this."

As to that all important question of Jon riding one of Daenerys Targaryen’s dragons, Harington has a thought.

"Of the two? One’s named Viserion because it’s after her brother Viserys, and the other is called Rhaegal, because it’s after her brother Rhaegar. I never really liked Viserys, so I guess it’ll have to be Rhaegal for me!"

How very clever of you Mr. Harington. As many Game of Thrones fans know, Rhaegar Targaryen might be Dany’s brother, but he is also the father of Jon Snow, and what better way to connect Jon to his parentage than by having him bond with and fly the dragon named after his father.

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