Twin Peaks Recap: “The Return Part 15”


For the first time in weeks, Twin Peaks moved quickly through storylines now that it only has three episodes left in the revival. In fact, “The Return Part 15,” was so engaging that it was disappointing once the credits began rolling at The Roadhouse.

With so little time left to wrap up each storyline, this episode serves as the tipping point for almost every major character with the exception Gordon, who got his first bit of substantial evidence last week.

“The Return Part 15,” opens up with a glorious sequence of Nadine marching down the street with her golden shovel to finally break up with Ed. She finally understands just how selfish she’s been throughout their marriage especially with how she’s come in between him and Norma. He doesn’t take her words at face value initially because they sound too good to be true but once it seems like a final breakup he marches to the Double R.

Unfortunately, Norma has a meeting with her boyfriend/her business partner and for a minute it seems like she might really be over waiting around for Ed. He sits at the counter where he radiates true sadness until Norma slips his hands around his shoulders and pulls him into a kiss. She’s sold all of her other diners and is more than happy to be with the man she loves (who finally proposes!) while cooking for the people she loves. It’s the payoff that long-term fans of the series deserved, and it’s nice to see at least one couple getting a happy ending if this is truly the end of Twin Peaks.

A family that seems like it’s headed in a dangerous direction is Dougie and his wife Janey in “The Return Part 15”. After giving him a piece of cake and disappearing into the kitchen, Dougie starts fooling around with a television remote. The crackling of electricity lets one know that the danger is imminent and once Dougie gets the TV on, he becomes more unsettled. He realizes the nose is coming from an outlet where he proceeds to stick his fork. Janey screams as her husband is electrocuted until the power goes out with their poor son trying to figure out what has happened. At the very least the couple won’t have to deal with the rival casino boss which Chantal manages to dispatch before returning for another meal of fast food with her husband.

Things aren’t going very well for Evil Cooper either when he arrives at the gas station seen throughout this season of Twin Peaks. The gang of homeless men finally get more screen time in “The Return Part 15,” since the infamous eighth episode of the revival. They lead him upstairs before into another dimension where he goes to speak with Philip Jefferies.

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David Bowie has unfortunately passed away which led to the reinvention of his character now into the form of the smoke that has been projecting important scenes to Andy and Cooper. However, Evil Coop is mainly there to find out who Judy is and why Jefferies wouldn’t discuss her with him back in the Twin Peaks film. Getting her phone number, he’s thrust out of the dimension where he’s confronted by the young Richard Horne. Considering BOB doesn’t immediately kill Richard and instead agrees to chat with him in the truck seems like confirmation that he is the father of the evil teenager.

Back in the town of Twin Peaks, tragedy seems to be striking at every turn. James goes to say hello to Renee with his coworker, Freddie. Turns out Freddie’s story about getting super strength from his green glow turned out to be true, and he easily knocks out Renee’s husband along with his friends. It lands the duo in jail but makes you wonder how exactly Freddie is attached to this entire story and whether he will have a bigger part in the events know that his power has been revealed. Meanwhile, Becky’s husband is finally seen again in the woods during a particularly bad trip. He keeps admitting to doing something terrible while his girlfriend clings to him desperately. Whether it’s truly just a bad high or severe guilt is unclear right now but Steven ultimately ends the episode killing himself off-screen.

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He isn’t the only character to die in, “The Return Part 15,” or even the most tragic.  The beloved Log Lady finally passed away and her goodbye scenes with Hawk are even more poignant by the death of actress, Catherine Coulson. Her death is an incredibly sad ending to an otherwise interesting episode, and an emotional homage to one of the original characters from Twin Peaks.  With a rough fight promised between the two Coopers, she is definitely an ally that will be missed heading into these final episodes.