The CW Releases Promos For “The Flash” and “Supergirl”


The CW has had difficulty maintaining a consistent tone throughout its superhero shows but especially in The Flash and Supergirl.

Both series started out joyful and optimistic but have attempted to explore darker themes but have struggled with balancing both angst with heart. While the show runners have all reaffirmed that the two shows will be returning to their roots, the trailers released this week seem to tell a different story.

Barry’s back in this clip for The Flash after spending an extended amount of time trapped in the speed force. Despite being reunited with his fiancée, Iris, and his friends, something seems to be eating up the Scarlet Speedster. Now sporting a beard and an empty look in his eyes, could Barry be haunted by his time away? After two seasons of watching Barry make every bad decision possible, here’s hoping The CW has learned its lesson with making the once jovial hero into a whining mess.

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Fans of The CW’s Supergirl will either love or hate the new trailer based on their thoughts about the second season. While the first half was beloved by critics and viewers, the second half met some criticism because of Kara’s love life.

With her boyfriend, Mon-El now missing after being sucked through a portal, the beloved hero seems to have given up investing in her secret identity. Feeling as though she’s lost too much, Kara decides to shed her humanity in favor of being Supergirl full-time. Viewers also get a glimpse of new villains, Reign and Robert DuBois (otherwise known as Bloodsport) in the trailer with the latter offering up a more menacing persona.

Finally, it seems like Alex is also jumping into the action this season with a few shots of her charging headfirst into danger. Supergirl returns to The CW on October 9 with The Flash debuting the next day on The CW.