New “Motive Trailer” Promises A Darker Season 2 For Riverdale


Don’t be fooled by the opening shot of this Riverdale trailer with the gang happily drinking milkshakes in their iconic costumes: things are about to get a lot worse in their small town.

It looks like everyone is getting sucked into the chaos promised at the end of last season with some spiraling down the deep end.  One thing is for sure, the sophomore drama is definitely going to throw all of the characters through the ringer before the season is up.

While it seemed like the gunman ran out of Pop’s moments after shooting Fred Andrews, he actually took a moment to threaten poor Archie’s life before making his escape. This moment is what will inevitably send the good-natured red-head down a dangerous path of vengeance. In the trailer above it shows him buying a gun from none other than Riverdale’s adventure scout, Dilton Doiley. Whether he decides to use his newfound weapon to take on the looming “war” between the North and South side of the town is unknown but he’s definitely looking to protect himself this season.

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Veronica’s life is about to get much more interesting as well, with the first glimpse of her father (Mark Consuelos) coming from the promo above. The long-awaited arrival of the shady business man is only a fleeting glimpse but Hiram Lodge is shown to be just as sinister as everyone suspects. Shrouded in darkness as he sits at the head of his table, he looks like a villain straight out of a James Bond film. Dealing with the return of her father, Veronica will have boyfriend Archie to lean on as well as a potential wedding (?) with a shot of the raven-haired vixen in a white gown.

Bughead fans will be happy to see that the couple get the only moments of levity in the trailer when they share a passionate kiss in the rain. While they aren’t the focus of the clip, the two journalists are most likely going to join in the hunt to get justice for Fred. Speaking of injured parents, Cheryl looks as if she’ll be spending her time at the hospital with her badly burnt mother. Based on her indifferent expression, she doesn’t seem all that concerned with Penelope’s current condition.

Riverdale returns October 11 on The CW, and if Molly Ringwald’s wink at the end of clip is any indication, then there are only more mysteries to come in this comic book adaptation.