30 Bold Predictions for The Walking Dead season 8

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2. The Walkers Become a Threat Again

As mentioned earlier, the arrival of Negan and the threat that someone of his immense power possesses has made the Walkers almost an afterthought. However, the Walkers should never be ignored as just background noise. When the survivors stop considering the walkers as a threat, they will die. That is how Shiva died in the comics – because Ezekiel stopped considering the walkers to be as dangerous as they really are.

I mentioned earlier how Rick will use the Walkers as a weapon – which he should to follow an amazing moment from the comics. There is also a moment in the comics where Negan uses the Walkers – or at least their blood – as a weapon as well. However, The Walking Dead needs to remind viewers that the Walkers are always a danger – whether as a herd or as an unexpected trap. The Walkers will kill someone important this season to prove that Negan is only part of the problem.

1. The Whisperers

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The final thing that we want to see in The Walking Dead Season 8 is the arrival of The Whisperers. I don’t want to reveal too much about them – why they are called The Whisperers or what makes them unique – but they are the big bad after the Great War and they are scary in a very different way than Negan or The Governor was scary.

They need to appear in some way in Season 8 – if only as a way to foreshadow how they eventually arrive. The Whisperers will be the villains in Season 9 and there needs to be a setup for their arrival this season on The Walking Dead.

With Enid starting to play a major role on the show and proving to be Carl’s love interest, that might cause The Walking Dead to have to change how we come to know the Whisperers, but that won’t need to happen until Season 9.

When it comes to Season 8, it is all about planting the seeds – and that could involve freaking out viewers when they start to hear the whispers among the Walkers. It could also add some of the horror back to the show when it comes to the actual zombies.

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The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres on Oct. 22 on AMC.

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