(Video) The Deuce season 1, episode 5 preview for ‘What Kind of Bad?’


Vinnie contemplates taking on a new business venture, while Candy considers a career change in “The Deuce” episode 5.

Both of The Deuce‘s main protagonists faced setbacks on their road to success in the most recent episode of the HBO series. Vincent (James Franco) began facing resistance from his brother-in-law’s workers over their payroll scheme, leading Rudy (Michael Rispoli) to take violent action, causing him to reconsider his partnership with the mob boss even as he introduced him to a new business opportunity.

Meanwhile, Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) had a client die as she serviced him, earning her the nickname “Mouth of Death.” But things will get even more serious for the veteran streetwalker in episode 5, entitled “What Kind of Bad?” A preview for the installment shows the aftermath of a violent encounter with a john, which Rodney (Method Man) seizes on to again make the case that he should be her pimp for protection.

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However, the synopsis for the episode indicates that Candy’s prostitution days may soon be in the rear view mirror, with adult filmmaking as a seemingly better option. The official description for episode 5 reads:

"“Looking for a way out of his construction gig, Bobby (Chris Bauer) tries to change Vincent’s (James Franco) mind about Rudy’s (Michael Rispoli) offer. Darlene (Dominique Fishback) returns from a trip home with a new girl, disappointing Abby (Margarita Levieva). Roughed up by a john, Candy (Maggie Gyllenhaal) contemplates a change of careers. After getting busted, Paul (Chris Coy) explores the underbelly, and the exhilaration, of gay life in the city. With an assist from Alston (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.), Sandra (Natalie Paul) scores a key interview with a pimp.”"

The preview clip opens with Alston (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) and Sandra (Natalie Paul) continuing to grow closer after their “date” last week. “I was hoping you could make some introductions,” the reporter tells the patrolman.

Meanwhile, Darlene (Dominique Fishback) is briefly spotted back home while visiting her aunt after receiving a bus ticket from Abby (Margarita Levieva). However, the former college student is disappointed to learn that the young sec worker is already back in town and even recruited a girl from back home to bring back with her.

We also see Bobby (Chris Bauer) encouraging Vinnie to take advantage of Rudy’s latest offer even after he angrily complained about the mobster roughing up one of his worker’s in last week’s episode. But this time, instead of a bar, it may involve the sex industry. “I’m not a whore master,” he tells his twin brother Frankie and his brother-in-law.

Watch the full promo below:

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We’re now more than halfway through the first season and the show is still setting up its initial promise to explore the birth of the porn industry in 1970s NYC. We’ve seen glimpses of it thanks to Candy’s brief involvement, which clearly sparked an interest from more of an entrepreneurial standpoint. But the series has done a good job of exploring this seedy world filled with people looking to make a quick buck by any means possible.

The Deuce episode 5 airs Sunday, Oct. 8th at 9 PM ET on HBO.