Bryan Fuller quits another high profile TV show


Bryan Fuller has a fantastic history when it comes to high-quality television work.

His show running on series like Pushing DaisiesHannibal and American Gods speak for itself, and that is just a sample of the shows that the man has created. However, just as much as he has a reputation for excellent television, Fuller has also established a reputation for quitting projects when they get going.

When Starz refused to up the budget of American Gods, Fuller walked away from that show (although there are rumors that Neil Gaiman didn’t like the direction he was taking the show and had something to do with his removal). Whatever the story, Fuller brought his amazing touch to American Gods, and he is now gone.

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That is at least better than these next two projects. Fuller came on to bring Star Trek back to the television world with Star Trek: Discovery. However, after mapping out the first season of the show, he quit as the showrunner, providing his fans with the disappointment they are growing used to (see: no more Hannibal).

Now, Bryan Fuller has done it again.

The Hollywood Reporter spilled the bad news that Bryan Fuller has quit the Apple reboot of the anthology series Amazing Stories. There seem to be problems behind-the-scenes with the project. After Fuller announced he was leaving, Bones creator Hart Hanson also quit the project, where he was serving as the executive producer.

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Initially, Amazing Stories was supposed to come to NBC with Bryan Fuller attached then. Steven Spielberg then added his name to the team, and it moved to Apple. That is when Hanson was hired as well. As always, Fuller said that “creative differences” were the reason he was leaving.

The good news is that Bryan Fuller is signed to bring Anne Rice’s Vampire Chronicles to television, and that should be amazing. However, knowing Fuller’s history, fans should enjoy it while they can.