Major Walking Dead spoilers hint at major deaths and new arrivals


As the title suggests, there are some major possible Walking Dead spoilers in this article, so proceed with caution.

The Walking Dead mid-season premiere saw the sad death of Carl Grimes, and everyone had a chance to say goodbye in a heartbreaking episode. However, with Carl gone, expect a hardened and violent Rick Grimes set out to make the world pay for taking away his son — although he has his son’s last words to keep him slightly under control.

However, with that in mind, there are some previews of upcoming episodes on top of a clip in the previous Walking Dead teaser trailer that has a lot of fans wondering who is coming to the show, and who might be on their way out and includes possible Walking Dead spoilers for season 8.

The Walking Dead Scavengers

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The Scavengers are a unique group for The Walking Dead — not appearing in the comic books and used to double-cross Rick Grimes before triple-crossing Negan. As a recent teaser video for the next episode shows, Negan is sending Simon to make an example of what happens to people who double-cross the Saviors.

In the video, Simon makes it clear that he wants to wipe out the Scavengers, but Negan tells him that will not happen because they are a resource that the Saviors need. The teaser trailer for this week’s episode shows that Simon and the Saviors will face off with the Scavengers, but help might be on the way.

With that said, the help might not save the Scavengers at all. Watch this trailer:

At the 38 second mark, there is a shot of Michonne running for her life, climbing out of what looks just like the junkyard with walkers hot on her tail — Walkers that look just like the Scavengers. If Simon shows up and the Scavengers are not willing to let one of their people die, this could cause the massacre that Negan wanted to avoid — which could mean that Rick and Michonne showing up there in the teaser could mean they are finding the now slaughtered Scavengers reanimated as Walkers.

With that in mind, there is a synopsis for Episode 8×14 that reads:

"“A Heaps prisoner makes an discovery, Rick and Morgan find themselves in the company of strangers.”"

If almost all of the Scavengers are dead, who takes the prisoner — Negan and the Saviors or Rick and the Survivors?

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Walking Dead and the Company of Strangers

The other part of that synopsis brings up an entirely new question. This is the 14th episode of The Walking Dead season 8, meaning only two episodes are remaining this season after that. If Rick and Morgan are in “the company of strangers” — there is a very good idea of who those strangers are.

Rick and Morgan are likely to be at odds since Carl begged his dad to find a way to make peace in the world while Morgan is busy ripping people intestines out of their stomach.

However, with only two episodes remaining — and the news already broke that Morgan is leaving the show ALIVE to join Fear the Walking Dead — that makes one wonder if this is where the two shows crossover for the first time.

AMC already announced that Fear the Walking Dead will make a major time jump from the end of last season, and Morgan will move from The Walking Dead to Fear the Walking Dead without the use of flashbacks. One wonders if someone from Fear is coming to The Walking Dead in the 14th episode or if Morgan is meeting someone new that he will leave with as he travels and finds the Fear characters.

There was one final Walking Dead synopsis leaked, this one for episode 18×2.

"“Hilltop’s leadership faces a difficult decision after the arrival of unexpected visitors.”"

That is the easiest one to understand. The Hilltop is about to welcome everyone, from Rick and company to Carol, Morgan, Ezekiel, and Daryl. The question is less likely about where they will sleep and more about what will happen when the more angry members realize that The Hilltop is keeping Saviors captured and alive instead of executing every last one of them.

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The Walking Dead airs on Sunday nights at 8 p.m. CST on AMC.