Castle Rock brings in another Stephen King actor in Chosen Jacobs


Castle Rock is coming this summer to Hulu and fans will get to see the infamous Stephen King world in a new light.

With that in mind, there are some faces that long-time Stephen King fans will instantly recognize when they watch Castle Rock. The most noticeable is Sissy Spacek, who starred in the first movie ever made based on a Stephen King novel, Carrie.

Other King actors include Melanie Lynskey from the 2002 TV miniseries Rose Red and Bill Skarsgard, who starred as Pennywise in the 2017 horror movie It. Now, a second actor from It is coming to Castle Rock.

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Deadline reported that Chosen Jacobs, who played Losers Club member Mike in It has signed on to the new Hulu series. Jacobs will play Wendell Deaver, the son of Henry Deaver (Andre Holland), the lawyer who is expected to be the lead character in Castle Rock.

Skarsgard is playing a prisoner at Shawshank Penetentary, someone who has an “unusual legal problem.” He is the man who calls in Henry for help. As for Henry, he is someone with a  “unique and complicated history” in the town of Castle Rock.

As for connections to past Stephen King movies and stories, Skarsgard said not to expect too many call-backs, even though the trailer brought back memories of It, Carrie and Cujo. While there is one character straight from the King Castle Rock stories — Alan Pangborn — Skarsgard said this is all original material.

"“The world is brand new. It’s Stephen King’s universe…these are places we’ve been familiarized with through his work. But the show is an original story in that world.”"

Skarsgard also said not to think that his new character will have anything in common with Pennywise, saying that the character is weird but utterly separate from Pennywise. That might be good as Skarsgard and Jacobs are both heading out to make the sequel to It this summer, where Pennywise returns to torment the Losers Club, who are now adults.

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Castle Rock will come to Hulu later this summer.