Good Omens! Nick Offerman added to Amazon’s Neil Gaiman adaptation


Good Omens is coming to Amazon and has added another fantastic name to the cast.

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The hilarious Nick Offerman of Parks and Rec is the newest cast member to be announced on the eagerly awaited mini-series, Good Omens, coming to Amazon video in 2019. Offerman will play U.S Ambassador, Thaddeus J. Dowling, and father of mistaken anti-christ, Warlock Dowling (played by Samson Maraccino)

For those that don’t know the premise of Good Omens, its the story of three babies switched at birth — one of which is the Anti-Christ. This not so simple mistake leads to a race between heaven and hell to bring on the apocalypse, and the efforts of an angel and a demon to foil it.

Written by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett, the book is beloved by fans of the fantasy genre and is getting a star-studded cast to usher it from page to screen, comparable to the fantastic lineup of another Gaiman adaptation — Starz’s American Gods.

Though there are still a few roles yet to cast, here is a comprehensive look at the major players already announced (with the help of IMDB)

The Angels
Aziraphale – Michael Sheen
Gabriel – Jon Hamm
Uriel- Gloria Obianyo
Sandalphon – Paul Chahidi
The Metatron – Derek Jacobi

The Demons
Crowley – David Tennant
Beelzebub – Anna Maxwell Martin
Ligur/Duke of Hell – Ariyon Bakare
Hastur/Duke of Hell – Ned Dennehy

The ‘Could Be’ Anti-Christs
Warlock Dowling – Samson Maraccino
Adam Young – Sam Taylor Buck

The Them
Pepper (aka. Pippin Galadriel Moonchild) – Amma Ris
Wensleydale – Alfie Taylor
Brian – Ilan Galkoff

The Nuns
Sister Mary Loquacious – Nina Sosanya
Sister Grace – Jasmine Hyde

The chess pieces of Heaven & Hell

Thaddeus J. Dowling – Nick Offerman
Harriet Dowling – Jill Winternitz
Newt’s Mother – Nicola Harrison
Arthur Young – Daniel Mays
Dierdre Young – Sian Brooke
Alien – Orlando Brooke
Harmony – Mark Gattis
Glozier – Steve Pemberton

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With Co-Author Neil Gaiman on board as Executive Producer (a role he also served on American Gods) and as the scriptwriter, and Director Douglas MacKinnon of Sherlock fame at the wheel, the Good Omens TV series is sure to do the book justice.

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