Westworld season 2 being referred to as ‘The Door’


Westworld showrunners reveal the direction of season two.

While the first season of HBO’s Westworld revolved around the Man in Black’s idea of “The Maze,” season two looks to focus its story around, “The Door’,” according to showrunners. Throughout the first season, there was intense character and plot development as we became immersed in the story.

Now that the hosts have begun to rebel, what can we expect going into the sophomore season?

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Going into the second season, showrunners reveal that we will see more of the Man in Black’s story and the mystery surrounding his past. If you recall, last season he alluded to the idea of seeing hosts fight back, which is exactly what’s in store when Westworld returns.

Season two will go outside of the world we got to know and explore what lies beyond.

In an interview with EW, showrunners Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy Nolan stated they are referring to season two as “The Door.” What could this mean in regards to season two? Season two will venture outside of the park which may explain what “The Door” is pointing to. In last season’s finale, we learned that Westworld is not the only park Delos created and saw hints of Shogunworld.

A viral website mentioned that Delos may have created a total of six parks, two being Roman and Medieval World, as seen in the original movie.

Venturing into other parks may give us a glimpse into the state of the hosts in them and whether they two have begun to rebel. Is it possible hosts from all the parks will come together for the most epic rebellion ever? We sure hope so.

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The concept of ‘The Door’ may dive deeper into each character as well as the hosts begin to channel into their state of awareness and consciousness. While we may not know what season two has in store for us, it is safe to assume there will be plenty of doors for the characters to enter and explore.

Season two of Westworld premieres April 22 on HBO.