Walking Dead teaser hints at a betrayal in the All-Out War


There are only two episodes left of The Walking Dead this season, but there is no sign that the All-Out War is ending.

With more than a season of the All-Out War already in the books, it seems strange that there is no end in sight, yet the war will end in just two weeks. While The Walking Dead season finale is a long one, it is still interesting that the end game is nowhere to be seen.

However, a new Walking Dead teaser for “Worth” makes it look like a betrayal is what will end up leading to the end of the All-Out War.

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This week’s episode of The Walking Dead makes it look like Rosita is planning on killing her old friend Eugene to stop him from making any more bullets for the Saviors. That move, while surprising, would limit the Saviors ammunition, but would it stop the war?

More likely, there is one line in this Walking Dead teaser that signals what will cause the end. Nothing will destroy one of the sides more than a betrayal, and after being built up as a bigger bad guy than even Negan, it may be Simon that dooms the Saviors.

In this teaser video, Simon is talking to Dwight, and says “we need to gather like-minded individuals and do what we need to do.”

What does this mean?

Well, Simon left Negan on his own when Rick attacked him two weeks ago. Then, this past week, Simon ordered the Saviors to slaughter everyone at The Hilltop — to kill them all. Add in the fact that negan sent Simon to send a message to the Scavengers and just learned that he disobeyed him and slaughtered them all and you have a combustible situation.

Negan knows Simon disobeyed him. Simon knows that he doesn’t have much longer left it he doesn’t do something — like maybe start a rebellion against Negan. If Simon turns on Negan and there is a Saviors Civil War, that will distract them long enough for Rick and company to sweep in and finish things off.

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