Morgan may return to The Walking Dead in a future episode


Morgan has made his journey into Fear The Walking Dead — but there is still more story left between Rick and Morgan.

While Morgan is now officially a part of the Fear The Walking Dead universe, Lennie James teases that the story between Rick and Morgan isn’t over just yet. Does this mean Morgan may venture back into The Walking Dead at some point? We sure hope so!

The season eight finale of The Walking Dead was the last episode for Lennie James as a series regular–at least for now. Whether or not that will change will be conveyed through his arc on Fear The Walking Dead. The season four premiere of Fear had a time jump to accommodate Morgan crossing over into that world.

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In an interview with Hollywood Life, James spoke to them about being in Fear and what the future holds for him in terms of The Walking Dead:

"“Somebody asked Andy Lincoln this question, so I am gonna go with his answer because it seems to be a safe answer because it’s already kind of out there. As Andy says, I don’t think the story between, about the relationship between Rick and Morgan, is over yet.”"

Interesting, right? So could this mean Morgan will make his way back to Virginia at some point to check in or perhaps ask for Rick’s help to solve a future problem? The possibilities are endless and have us so excited for what’s to come.

While there has not been anything confirmed as of yet, it seems like the wheels are turning in the writers’ room and we can cling onto hope for Morgan making his way back (even if for a brief moment) to The Walking Dead.

Now that Rick and Morgan have so much distance between them, and didn’t exactly “wrap up” everything in the season eight finale of The Walking Dead, we wonder what could ever bring them back together.

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There are some ideas as to how this could potentially happen. Georgie, a new character on The Walking Dead, mentioned he wants to connect the various communities across the world. Could he be the missing link? Maybe, just maybe.