Deadly Class adaptation ordered by SyFy


The Russo Brothers have another comic book adaptation to look forward to but it’s not from Marvel.

Variety reported that SyFy officially ordered Deadly Class to series this morning, making it their second freshmen show on their 2018/2019 schedule. It looks like comic book trend is going to continue on television for at least another year.

It comes as no surprise to see SyFy make a decision so early for the series. The network is currently trying to reorganize its roster of shows and Deadly Class already has a lot of positive early buzz.

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Bill McGoldrick, the President of Scripted Content at NBC, confirmed the small genre network would be searching for more graphic novel adaptations to bring to the silver screen.

"“We’re committed to developing graphic novels for SYFY and have found a rich, compelling, truly unique world in Deadly Class. Our producing partners expertly combined high school angst, 80s nostalgia and comic flair into a beautifully realized, visually arresting pilot that truly brings Rick and Wes’ acclaimed comic series to life.”"

Rick Remender, one of the original minds behind Deadly Class, has been tasked with writing the pilot for the series. It inspires confidence to know that the Russo Brothers and SyFy are committed to staying faithful to the graphic novel.

On top of well-qualified professionals running the series, Deadly Class is full of an impressive cast. Benedict Wong (Doctor Strange) has signed onto the play the headmaster of the elite school for assassins. Benjamin Wadsworth (Teen Wolf), Lana Condor (X-Men: Apocalypse), Maria Gabriela de Faria (Yo Soy Franky), Luke Tennie (Shock and Awe), and Liam James (The Family) are all costarring as students at the academy.

They’re a group of upcoming young actors and James specifically has shined in the roles he’s undertaken in recent years.

Deadly Class joins the highly anticipated George R.R. Martin horror series, Nightflyers on SyFy’s lineup next year. Both shows highlight the change the SyFy network is currently undergoing as they attempt to rebrand.

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So many networks are introducing excellent genre programming, and finding the next best adaptation has become a priority for a lot of channels.