Ed Harris of Westworld reveals details about Man in Black


Ed Harris spills the beans on the Man in Black’s role in season two of Westworld.

With so much anticipation and build-up for the second season of Westworld, fans are basically going crazy trying to figure out what is going to happen.

Most of the cast and crew have not spilled much about their characters or what role they will play in the second season–unless you’re Ed Harris. If you don’t want anything spoiled, don’t read ahead!

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Ed Harris’ Man in Black was the horrendous villain of season one, and we as fans loved to hate him. While he was the antagonist in season one, Harris claims this will not be the case for season two.

"“I see him as a protagonist actually, yes. Particularly this season. The maze is history. He’s on a whole other track this year, and I think the track that he’s on definitely makes him a protagonist. I’m worried about Season 3, to tell you the truth.”"

Interesting, very interesting. So, could the Man in Black possibly be one of the good guys this season? Yikes, we sure hope not because we aren’t ready to lose the vicious, rugged villain from season one just yet.

Harris’ comments were neither confirmed or denied by anyone on the show so it leaves us wondering what journey the Man in Black will take in season two.

Based on those who have seen the first five episodes, it appears he still remains the harsh, tough villain but his character is going down a different path that will change some of the rough edges we got accustomed to in season one.

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Luckily, we don’t have to wait too long to find out exactly what Harris and initial reviews are referring to. All we can say is, please don’t take away the Westworld badass from us!

Westworld returns for season two on HBO on Sunday, April 22nd at 9 P.M. EST! Don’t miss it!