The Handmaid’s Tale team talks about show’s success and season two


Blessed be, The Handmaid’s Tale season two is almost upon us!

While season one of The Handmaid’s Tale gave us a glimpse into a Gilead-controlled world, season two promises to up the ante on the emotional complexity of it all, according to Elisabeth Moss, who plays the conflicted Offred/June. The show is about to go bigger, scarier, and more dramatic than the first season–so fans best prepare.

"“There’s an emotional complexity to this season. Last year we dealt with a lot of big issues and a lot of big, emotional moments. This season is more complex and almost more mature emotionally, dealing with things that are really tricky. Performance-wise it’s been incredibly challenging. You’re really diving into some complex, emotional work. That’s our way of elevating it performance-wise this year.”"

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Along with starring as Offred/June, Moss also has the role of producer in this season. Every time a shot is completed she must transform from actress to producer to gauge the shot and analyze everything about it.

It’s not all too astonishing to comprehend that the series has snagged multiple nominations and awards for its first season. The Handmaid’s Tale proves to have impeccable timing with its plot and story, given the current political turmoil the country has faced.

As season two gets ready to kick off, there is a lot of pressure on the team of The Handmaid’s Tale to surpass the expectations fans have of the series. However, showrunners stuck to the same formula they did in the first season–telling the story. The awards are simply a confidence booster that they are doing something right. Can’t argue with that!

Season two will have more episodes (yay!), going from ten to thirteen. Not to mention, there is a bigger budget involved in season two which will help tell the story in greater detail based on Margaret Atwood’s novel. Characters will be split apart this season with Alexis Bledel’s Emily and Madeline Brewer’s Janine off in the Colonies–which will be a new environment for the series.

There will also be an apartment set that was made for Luke (O.T. Fagbenle), who we last left safely in Canada searching for June and their child. And while the search continues, season two will also bring more flashbacks that illustrate the start of Gilead.

Themes for the season will include pregnancy, of course, and the concept of parenthood, especially with Offred’s mom being a part of the next batch of episodes. Showrunner Miller also stated that the episodes will also discuss topics of refugees, female rights, terrorism, etc–as we have already seen a glimpse of last season.

And with three extra episodes, certain narratives will get more time in the season rather than standalone episodes breezing past them. This allows the story to flesh out and provide background as to what is going on.

There are additional cast members that will be a part of season two including Cherry Jones, Marisa Tomei, Clea DuVall, and Bradley Whitford. While the show has attracted so many actors/actresses, the real world is also taking on the lessons in The Handmaid’s Tale by dressing as handmaids at rallies and protests.

Showrunner Miller talked about incorporating real-life events into the story because it adds to the allure of The Handmaid’s Tale that is so haunting and frightening.

"“Anything that makes me shudder makes me feel like it’s something we should do. If it’s ooky in real life, well that’s our baseline — ooky,”"

To mimic the sentiment of the world right now, Miller stated that season two will discuss terrorism and what a country is like during a state of transition. Moss has heard back from fans that tell her the issues depicted in the show have been ones they have dealt with in their lives.

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This gives the team behind The Handmaid’s Tale the push they need to keep telling their story and connecting with the audience. Well, we can’t wait to see where season two will take us!

The Handmaid’s Tale premieres with two episodes on Hulu on April 25th.