The Walking Dead May Time Jump in Season 9


Construction of a windmill in the location of Alexandria could signify a time jump at the beginning of Season 9 of The Walking Dead.

Rick and company may have fled Alexandria for the better-fortified Hilltop towards the end of season 8 of The Walking Dead, but the location may play a big role in the upcoming ninth season.

It looks like the on-screen Alexandria will soon replicate the comic Alexandria’s windmill. This development indicates that season 9 could start with a big time jump.

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According to CinemaBlend:

"The show’s location manager Mike Riley reached out to the Senoia City Council to get permission to construct a 55-foot-tall windmill in the local area that serves as the show’s Alexandria Safe Zone."

That’s a big windmill! The council hasn’t granted its permission to build yet, but they have already approved the construction of the windmill’s base, so things are moving right along.

Of course, when we last saw it, Alexandria needed a lot more than a windmill to get it up and running. The community would be uninhabitable after being almost destroyed and burnt to a crisp during the war with the Saviors.

So as CinemaBlend observes, the windmill likely signifies a time jump for The Walking Dead. One long enough for the survivors to recuperate from the All Out War, rebuild, and of course, assemble a windmill.

A time jump could be an interesting way to move the story forward. And it would avoid the need to dwell on the turmoil with Negan from the past two seasons.

In an interview with Vulture, former showrunner Scott Gimple didn’t confirm a time jump but did say that season 9 will bring a new chapter to the saga of The Walking Dead. Gimple, who is taking on a new role overseeing the entire franchise, hinted that next season the survivors’ focus will shift from simply surviving in a zombie-infested world to re-establishing society.

Gimple said:

"I suppose that’s where they should be; it’s where the comic went because they learned how to survive. How do they take that further? What do they do with that superpower, and what are their responsibilities? These are things that we’re gonna be exploring in season nine."

So perhaps a time jump will lead to a whole new outlook for the survivors. One that prizes working together to build something new over All Out War. After the unending losses of the past eight seasons, this could represent an intriguing new direction for the show.

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What do you think? Do you want The Walking Dead to time jump next season? Or would you like to see what the survivors do right after their victory over Negan and the Saviors? Let us know in the comments.