What may lie ahead for The Walking Dead season 9


Season 8 of The Walking Dead has now come to a close, so naturally, fans are now wondering what will happen next.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed that the now-former showrunner Scott Gimple is already giving folks a taste of what’s to come.

According to Gimple, the season will be starting out bad for Negan.

"“It starts with a doctor: ‘You shan’t monologue again,'” jokes Gimple. “Cue: the montage.”"

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Gimple also went on record of saying the story would be taking a “quantum leap forward.”

The implications of this statement are fairly obvious for the fans of the comic.  Once the war with Saviors ended in the comic, the story flashes forward two years and opening with Alexandria achieving a relatively peaceful status quo.

At the moment though, the big elephant in the room at the end of season 8 was the fallout from Rick’s decision to keep Negan alive.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone agreed with Rick.  In particular Maggie, Daryl and Jesus agree to wait for the right time to go against Rick and kill Negan.

There’s a couple of possibilities for what this might mean.  They could go for something subtle like poisoning Negan in his cell.  They might also be working in secret to overthrow Rick outright and possibly spark a civil war story arc to open the season.

If the writers end up going with the latter though, it’s unlikely whatever conflict they end up having will last for very long.  When the Whisperers inevitably make their appearance, the likely outcome will be that Rick, Maggie, Daryl and Jesus set their differences aside to deal with the bigger threat.

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