The Handmaid’s Tale: Everything to know about season two


The Handmaid’s Tale season two is almost here!

To put into words how excited we are for the return of The Handmaid’s Tale is near impossible. It’s only been a year since the first season premiered but the wait has been agonizing.

Luckily, we are less than a week away from the season two premiere and there is a lot waiting for us on the other side. What exactly do we know about season two? Let’s dig in!

A jam-packed colossal season

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The first season gave us only ten episodes, however, in the second season, we will get a total of thirteen episodes! Yes, that’s right, three extra ones. Exciting, right? In addition to that, the story is going to venture off into unknown territory that the book didn’t get into. This includes more of present-day Gilead, a first look into the dreadful Colonies, and more flashbacks giving us insight into how this world began.

Creator Bruce Miller shared his thoughts on how they are taking the story where the novel never went:

"“The end of the book is so frustrating for people; part of the point of that ending is that it just leaves you hanging. Here we do some un-hanging and the story continues. So that’s satisfying — for all of these years you think, ‘What happens next?’ And now we get to explore some of that stuff.”"

June/Offred is a pregnant Handmaid on the run

When we last saw June, she was pregnant with Nick’s child. Moss talked about in an interview with Variety that the second season will focus a lot on motherhood. This theme will carry through June’s pregnancy as well with the introduction of June’s mother into the story.

"“We’ve talked a lot about the impending birth of the child that’s growing inside of her as a bit of a ticking time bomb; the complications are really wonderful to explore. She does have the baby, but it gets taken away from her. She can’t be its mother. It makes for good drama.”"

We do know going into season two, June will be on the run as she manages to get unexpected help and escapes from Gilead. Where this will lead, we can’t wait to find out!

The Handmaid’s Tale will take us to the dreaded Colonies

Based on the stills and trailers released, we know that the second season will take us into the radioactive world of the Colonies. This is where women are sent to be punished (as if they weren’t already) and are subjected to a life of digging into the dirt and falling ill because of their brutal, horrendous living conditions. The people who are sent to the Colonies are referred to as Unpeople and spend their lives digging into a toxic wasteland.

More cast members!

Four additional cast members will be a part of the second season of The Handmaid’s Tale. This includes Cherry Jones, Marisa Tomei, Bradley Whitford, and Clea DuVall. Tomei will make an appearance in the second episode in the Colonies, Jones will play June’s mother, Whitford plays Emily’s Commander, and no information has been released about DuVall’s character.

Emily and Janine will be in the Colonies

After being punished for being a lesbian and attempting to escape in season one, Emily was shipped off to the Colonies. Following closely behind was Janine who tried to commit suicide in season one. As a result, both Janine and Emily will be seen in the Colonies living out their punishments.

A glimpse into Luke and Moira’s life together in Canada

Moira finally made it to Canada last season and found some refuge from the harsh world of Gilead. In season two, she will be seen living with June’s husband, Luke, as they are both a part of the resistance. Season two trailers have shown the two taking part in protests against Gilead–let’s hope they make an impact!

Gilead’s inception

We’ve all been super curious as to how Gilead even came to be. And while first season sort of gave us an idea, season two is about to dive deep into that rabbit hole. The social and political turmoil that led to Gilead will be a huge focus of this season and how America was led into another revolution.

Serena’s reaction to June running away

It’s safe to assume all hell will break loose once June makes her escape–and the number one person out of her blood will be Serena. She has been wanting a baby for so long that with June on the run, she will start to lose her patience and foundation. This shall be interesting.

The introduction of June’s mother

Given that June is pregnant in season two, it’s only fitting to continue the theme of motherhood by introducing her mother, played by Cherry Jones. Based on the information that has been released about her mother, she was a single mother raising a single child and was a hardcore feminist.

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Terrorism will be a part of the narrative

In season 2, there will be more gore and violence as the story explores America in transition pre-Gilead and also rope in terrorism. Showrunner Bruce Miller talked about terrorism will play a role in season two’s narrative:

"“We have a lot of stuff with Mayday and the other rebel groups that are fighting. There’s also the people who are fighting from Canada to make things better. What it’s like to live in a place where there’s instability and what does that instability feels like? And for the Commander, what is it like to be in control of this, going from inexperience to a big role of leadership? Americans can definitely relate.”"

The Handmaid’s Tale will premiere with two episodes on Hulu on April 25th!