Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 2 recap: Another Day in the Diamond


This week’s Fear the Walking Dead introduces a time jump and reveals the fate of Madison and co.

Last week’s season four premiere of Fear The Walking Dead focused on Morgan crossing over into this world and in the final moments showed Alicia crawling across the street. This week, we finally learned the fate of everyone in the group (they’re all alive, yay!). It appears there has been a time jump of one year (at least) and the place they now call home is a huge football stadium.

We aren’t exactly sure what went down after the dam incident, but it is evident that Nick went through something traumatic–at least based on his flashbacks and inability to leave the stadium with the others. Two new characters were introduced this week as well–Naomi (Jenna Elfman) and Mel (Kevin Zegers).

Since we don’t pick up exactly where season three left off, we’re not sure how Madison found everyone and what led her to forgive Victor. And also how they found their new home. So much is left unanswered which reels fans in for what lies ahead.

As Madison states, there is a total of 47 people living within the walls of the stadium. They seem to have a good thing with their daily chores and Nick growing vegetables in his garden for food–which unfortunately is damaged by the presence of weevils.

Along with the two new adult characters, we also meet a little girl named Charlie. She was separated from her family and is having a hard time adjusting. When Madison asks her where she came from, she points in an elusive direction. Eager to make this feel like home for her, Madison works on building a room for her.

Madison, Victor, Luciana, Alicia, and two others from the stadium go out on a run and Madison decides to go looking for Charlie’s parents while they’re out. And although the area they may be from is outside the safe zone, Madison makes an exception to help Charlie out.

They come across a town that appears abandoned and desolate–and too quiet. It appears someone has already ransacked the town of all supplies, leaving nothing behind to take. Madison discovers that someone is still lurking around–enter Naomi. Holding Madison at gunpoint, Naomi tries to gauge who she is as Madison explains they are there for Charlie.

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Luciana, Alicia, and Victor show up after Madison sends a distress signal through her walkie. Naomi tries to make a run for it but falls through a tank full of tar and oil. It is here we learn that there are no walkers around the town because they have all been led into these tanks.

Luckily, the group fights off the walkers and gets out of the tank before they are bit. Naomi shares with the group she is just passing by and has no idea why the town is in the condition it is in–and doesn’t know who Charlie is either.

Back at the stadium, Nick is worried about their whereabouts, but his attention is diverted when he hears music playing in a distance. Is he going crazy? Nope! He goes out to investigate but starts to panic and crashes into a pole as walkers surround the car. Luckily, Cole takes down the walkers from the outpost, allowing Nick to step out of the car.

As Nick fumbles around trying to find his way, Madison and co. show up in the nick of time. Back inside, Madison tells Charlie that they didn’t find her family and tries to inquire more about them. She remains fairly tight-lipped so Madison stops pushing her to talk.

Remember the creepy music that Nick heard earlier? Well, it all comes together when Luciana notices something in the distance and tells everyone to get inside and grab their weapons. An entourage of vans shows up and a man steps out and starts blasting music.

He attracts a group of walkers and lures them into a truck and then spray paints the number 12 onto the truck. Are these the same group of people that are spray painting numbers across town? Seems like it, right? The rest of the mysterious man’s group starts to make themselves at home and just waits in the darkness as our group looks out at them.

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Madison goes out to talk to them and learns that they are determined to take everything from them–oh, and little girl Charlie? Well, she is one of their moles that has been feeding them information.

The episode ends back in the present where Alicia has crossed paths with Morgan and co. Except, it’s not just Alicia, the rest of the group is there too! They mistakenly assume that Morgan’s group is part of the Vultures until Al shows them all the footage she has been recording. Together, they head off to the location that they found the flag–thus officially completing the crossover!

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