Killing Eve recap: ‘Don’t I Know You’


Killing Eve suffers a misstep from the show’s first major death.

The first two episodes of the series have been almost stellar, but “Don’t I Know You” feels predictable. From the moment Bill joked about dying, it was clear he would eventually bite the dust. It’s a shame considering the character has easily become the best supporting character on the cast.

“Don’t I Know You” picks up with Villanelle murdering another man in a particularly grisly manner. With each week she becomes more of a sociopath than the following — but still manages to do so with style. It’s not surprising when Eve describes her to the sketch artist, she can’t help but let her admiration shine through. Even Bill jokes that his friend might be attracted to a notorious assassin.

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Bill actually gets a lot to do in the hour, and it highlights all the reasons he shouldn’t be killed off. His friendship with Eve is purely platonic, which is a bit of fresh air compared to other television shows.

The two joke about their marriages, with Bill even discussing his sexual fluidity in a way that’s rarely seen on screen. However, he sees Villanelle twice which basically seals his fate early into the episode.

Honestly, it seems like a part of her wants to be caught by Eve. She casually uses Eve’s name to let the intelligence organization know that she’s onto them. “Don’t I Know You” really highlights her weird attraction to the woman hunting her down.

This isn’t a healthy relationship, Villanelle is just enjoying the thrill of the chase. However, her handler demands she spends her time surveying Eve from afar and under no circumstance to engage.

Of course, Villanelle has already started down a path of ignoring those demands. Early into “Don’t I Know You,” she steals Eve’s luggage and wears her clothes. Later she helps her pick out an outfit from afar and admires her at the store.

Unfortunately for Bill, he notices her lurking around and attempts to follow while Eve is at dinner gathering intel. The moment he prevented her from getting on the subway with his partner, it was clear he would die.

Luring Bill to a nightclub, Villanelle brutally stabs him before disappearing into the crowd. Poor Eve tries to get through the dancers to save him, but she’s left hopelessly screaming for her friend as he bleeds out.

His death is effective for keeping Eve from ever switching sides to help out Villanelle. Up until now, she’s been infatuated with the assassin, but “Don’t I Know You” gives her a compelling reason to hunt her down now.

The trailer for next week promises a closer look at the organization that hired Villanelle. Naturally, her superiors are not happy with the spree she has gone on.

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She’ll get a partner to keep her in line, and Eve is back home trying to cope. At least her husband will be able to rest easy knowing she isn’t having an affair with Bob anymore.