Good Girls recap: ‘Summer of the Shark’


Good Girls have the women suffer their closest run-in yet with the cops.

“Summer of the Shark” has Rio get the business back up and running at the expense of the girls. However, they have too many problems to deal with to truly think of the consequences. The hour is one of the best of the season, and for the first time, the show feels fully formed.

From the get-go, the women are still struggling to decide what to do about the kid who snitched to the cops. “Summer of the Shark” has them all at odds with Ruby and Annie aren’t totally onboard with handing over to Rio. Beth knows either they hand him over to be dealt with or the cops could discover their scheme.

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However, Ruby and Stan find out their daughter is on top of the transplant list. Suddenly the couple needs money more than before — which leads Ruby to decide not to tell Rio about the snitch. Instead, the women commiserate to have her figure out from Stan how much the kids have already told the cops.

“Summer of the Shark” is a great episode for the couple and they provide the most entertainment for the hour. Ruby gets Stan high from leftover weed they smoked at a Nelly concert, and the two jam out together.

It’s adorable, and funny when Ruby forgets the question she was supposed to ask him. Annie gently reminds her, which leads to a hilarious scene where she tries to casually ask her husband about the snitch. Luckily, a high Stan is willing to spill the beans about anything and he happily tells his wife what’s up.

Meanwhile, Annie and Beth are trying to get their houses in order. Beth and Dean are peacefully living together while slipping into old habits. Annie’s is infuriated to see her sister forgiving her cheating husband so she reminds her of his mistakes.

Meanwhile, she’s suffering from not seeing her daughter and leaving long messages on Sadie’s phone. Greg comes outside to find Annie sitting in her car and asks her to please figure things out. There are clearly unresolved feelings between the two, but for now, neither can deal with them.

It doesn’t help that Mary is casually blackmailing Annie to pay for her groceries. Honestly, this is the weakest part of “Summer of the Shark” because the women have no reason to help out Mary. If Beth can casually offer up a kid to murder, why can’t she do the same for her blackmailer?

Rio would probably deal with a mom trying to turn in his employees, especially ones who threaten his favorite suburban wife.

Rio and Beth are on the outs by the end of “Summer of the Shark.” When the women drive some trucks for him and Beth gets pulled over, she realizes it was a test. Yes, Rio used them to figure out if one of his men had flipped.

Naturally, she angrily confronts him over seeing them (and by extension their families) as disposable. Clearly, Beth still hasn’t learned that she joined a career without typical moral obligations compared to regular jobs.

“Summer of the Shark” has the women finally getting together to discuss the serious possibility of going to the police. Annie wants it to be over with, Beth is positive they’re the “good guys” and don’t deserve it, while Ruby worries her daughter won’t get the transplant.

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Ultimately, they decide Rio should be the one to take the fall since it is his organization. With only one episode left in this season, it will be interesting to see how it all ends. Also, Annie and Ruby are definitely blind to the growing tension between Beth and Rio, which could lead to some complications in the finale.