Good Girls season one finale recap: ‘Remix’


Good Girls finishes its first season by blowing up the status quo with a dark cliffhanger.

However, “Remix” does bring the story full circle by having the women return to the scene of the original crime. This time, the stakes are much higher than paying their bills because they know Rio could be coming after them.

Thankfully, their ten episodes worth of experience has practically transformed them into worthy criminals.

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“Remix” opens with the girls all hilariously brainstorming the best way to get rid of Rio. Of course, Annie thinks they should hire a hitman and frame a murder on Rio, rather than just outright kill their sort-of boss.

Ruby doesn’t have time to worry about him since she needs to figure out a way to come up with the money for her daughter’s transplant. Meanwhile, Beth is still stuck with Dean, who desperately wants to get back together.

Thankfully, Annie comes up with the perfect crime to help all of their problems. Since Boomer has begun dating Mary Pat, he can no longer work night shifts at the store. While Annie is working, Beth and Ruby can come “stage” a robbery so they can draw attention to Rio’s money laundering scheme.

Of course, “Remix” also has the women come away with enough cash to cover the hospital bill as well.

Things don’t go as perfectly as planned after Ruby accidentally drops the vault keys during the heist. They’re forced to improvise, giving the women less time to escape with the cash. Yet, they’re just suburban moms so the two shed their ski masks to become “hostages.”

“Remix” also brings Tyler into the criminal fold when he stumbles on Annie duct taping cash under her uniform. The two agree she can keep the cash if she exaggerates what a hero he is to the cops.

Poor Tyler, it looks like he might end up in the same situation next year as Stan. It doesn’t take long for the latter to realize his wife and her friends are somehow involved with the gang his unit took down. She’s been breaking the law, and he now has to make some tough decisions ahead.

Ruby committed those crimes to save their daughter, but at the same time, he’s still a cop who could be charged as an accessory. Things are definitely not looking great for the cutest couple on the show.

Speaking of couples, Mary Pat gets a wake-up call about her relationship with Boomer. In “Remix,” she stumbles upon the recording device he planted in her house hoping to gain evidence of the women’s crimes. Beth quickly fills her in on the real reason Boomer became interested in her as well as his despicable past.

It’s truly a disturbing scene to see him rationalize his attempted rape on Annie because “she wanted it.” Thankfully, Mary Pat isn’t dumb and she shows him the recording device with his confession. She bids him adieu with an epic final sentence, “Just because you want something, doesn’t give you the right to take it.” Bye Boomer!

Just as everything is coming together, “Remix” ends with a heart-stopping closing. Rio is sitting at Beth’s house with a beaten Dean where he challenges her to take his spot as king. Taking Rio’s operation is an idea Beth and been flirting with earlier and now it could be a possibility.

However, if Good Girls returns for a second season it’s more likely she’ll shoot Dean. The Rio/Beth pairing has quickly become a fan favorite and she just discovered her husband had been lying about the cancer.

Good Girls has been an entertaining ten episodes, and it will be interesting to see where the series goes from here. Even though there’s no official renewal yet, the chances of it coming back are strong.

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Yet, with the direction Beth is heading in, it looks like these women might not remain friends. Annie, Greg, and Sadie have finally found a perfect situation while Ruby needs to earn Stan’s trust back. Season two might have Beth finally building her own empire, even if she doesn’t have her friends by her side.