Brockmire a Grand Slam for IFC


The second season of Brockmire began with a historic monologue to begin what has so far been a perfect game of a series.

Thankfully, ever more fans have found Brockmire in the second season. Brockmire may still be trying to get out of riding the bus in the minors in the show’s reality, but the series has finally hit the majors leagues of television giving IFC a huge boost. 

Season 2 of Brockmire opened with perhaps the greatest monologue about the changing nature of American advertising and sexual taste. Nothing blended the spirit of Sir Mix A Lot’s “Baby Got Back” and the whole theme of Mad Men in a more concise way than Brockmire did while enjoying his morning joint.

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After dismissing his well-bottomed lady friend from last evening with a confusing gift of not one but two Mike Piazza themed baskets, a squatty potty and olive oil do make perfect sense.

Brockmire is having a ball and biding his time calling games in AAA while never ever riding the bus to any road games “exclamation point spelled out to make the point.”

The minor leagues are full of gimmicks and AAA especially has talent that must bide their time, as Brockmire and the recently called up star player both learn. Why should Brockmire have to wait behind some old guy behind-the-times?

So what if he is lovable and the other guy trying to replace the lovable old chap is a personable fella? Brockmire knows baseball and has personality.

So what if it rubs some the wrong way. Look at his podcast numbers. The Philly fanatic officiated Brockmire’s wedding. A beef with the gimmick crawdad mascot should bring out the most vengeful side of Brockmire. This running gag should be good for ‘solid single’ type comedic hits throughout.

As mentioned, Brockmire went to the minors to work himself up to the majors. He also decided to call games in New Orleans, which provides ample opportunity for any type of hijinks. Brockmire did make some demands. If the point really needed to be made, “exclamation point” to not ride the bus. At least he is learning to lay off the holocaust jokes.

The reason Brockmire got an opportunity in New Orleans was Atlanta had a guy and were wary of the numbers he could pull. Minor League New Orleans wanted a star to attract a new audience and a variety of crowds. The marketing was a great plan, but this newfangled Venn diagram invention somehow shows that people that love the hear Brockmire talk do not necessarily like baseball.

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People like the road game announcer, Raj, does not know baseball. But people like him. He is welcoming and inviting and is just wanting to enjoy the experience of sports broadcasting. So of course, Brockmire hates him even before adding in the job competition. That math adds up quickly.

He also lashes out at Charles (Tyrel Jackson Williams), his roommate/sidekick/producer/manager/babysitter, for leading him on. It is never communicated to Brockmire that he was too busy projecting and celebrating to listen to the reason for the meeting with the team’s executive bigwig. He still has this problem when Charles is trying to explain podcasting numbers that are far larger than baseball attendances.

The strain may be getting to Brockmire. He did take a bat to the crass mascot at the fan fest. Usually, Brockmire assaults are verbal. But as always Brockmire has a barely thought out plan.

Brockmire has a publicity stunt that cannot fail. Unless of course the doctors are correct, and the kid is risking his life by leaving the hospital. Nothing is more of a tear jerker to help popularity like charity to a cancer child, right? It is an inspiring tale. Except when Brockmire has had a few and had to experience the sad sight up close. It does ruin your day.

To Brockmire, seeing a kid suffer actually makes him, and should make us, all feel better about ourselves. It helps us look at the positives in our lives. Most of us can actually manage to wipe ourselves. Others have never had the privilege, which it is a privilege in this light. But we also dwell on who we want around in the end. Brockmire wants Jules Jones. She is the only woman who can go drink for drink through life.

It is in the depressed times that men must “skip fun and conversation and go straight to the booze.” This is only the case when one is lonely. Drinking with nostalgia kickers is the most visceral of drunks. And even a drunk cannot ask one person to be everything they need from other people.

That responsibility needs to be spread out. Charles expresses this but then one must manage things, like feelings and decisions, and the consequences.

Charles cannot fill in for Jules and do all the professional work. Finally, he states the obvious, being the Brockmire should call Jules. She could help be his guidance as well as help him close down whatever bar does not card the local stragglers in.

Instead of calling Jules, Brockmire calls his other best drug friend who could not care less about life’s less pressing issues like love and compassion and companionship but rather remembers the larger picture. Things like when a grieving friend calls, bring the horse tranquilizers.

We are all wanting to reach out to that one person who can match us drink for drink. An honesty bottle sat between a couple can build bridges. Putting off that confrontation and pouring alcohol on it in dimly lit loneliness is sometimes the next best thing.

Baseball has so many intricacies some must remain unwritten, but it has been boiled down to the three true outcomes. The choice for Brockmire now that he has gone viral on the podcast scene is his life’s new 3 offerings at his home plate. They are his life’s three true outcomes.

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Does he continue to choose baseball and strive for the majors above all else? Does he choose himself and do podcast tours, perhaps making it to number 1 on the charts? Or does he find a way to reconcile with his soul mate Jules?

To side with Brockmire, Jules receives sympathy, but she did make her own decision to stay. We all face the same dilemmas. It is always more fun to watch other’s disasters. Season 2 of Brockmire is already exciting, funny, and smart, leaving fans wanting extra innings.