Power Rangers to be purchased from Saban by Hasbro


Thanks to the great power of nostalgia, Power Rangers has had something of a revival the last few years and now things are sure to get more interesting.

According to a report from Reuters, Hasbro has purchased the Power Rangers brand, among other things from Saban to the tune of $520 million.

This news comes just a couple of months after it was announced Hasbro would become the new designer, producer and distributors of future Power Rangers toys.

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This hasn’t been the first time ownership of the franchise has changed hands.  Back in 2001, Saban originally sold the franchise to Disney.  When Disney eventually lost interest in the brand, Saban purchased it back from them in 2010.

What this means for the future of the brand is unclear for the moment but there are some possibilities.

At the very least, Hasbro will likely let the TV show continue since pre-production and casting are already underway for the next season.  Whether or not Power Rangers changes networks could be a different story.

Each time Power Rangers has been purchased also brought a change in networks.  The show initially aired as part of the Fox Kids lineup in the 90s.  When it was purchased by Disney, it aired on various kid-oriented channels owned by the company before eventually settling on Nickelodeon when it was bought back by Saban.

This could also breathe new life into future movies.  Hasbro has shown an interest in being more involved in the movie business the last few years.  They previously had attempted a merger with Dreamworks and a purchase of Lionsgate.  When that didn’t work they decided to start their own studio last year.

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The 25th season of Power Rangers titled Power Rangers: Ninja Supersteel is currently airing on Nickelodeon.

What will the purchase by Hasbro mean for the future of Power Rangers?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.