Channel Zero announces season 4 cast and title


SyFy’s horror anthology series Channel Zero has announced the subject and lead cast for the upcoming season four.

The series takes the internet’s most disturbing creepypastas and turns them into terrifying television. We’ve been creeped out by Candle Cove, entered the No-End House and faced the Butcher’s Block, and now SyFy has revealed the chilling subject we can expect for the new season of Channel Zero.

Channel Zero: The Dream Door is inspired by Charlotte Bywater’s creepypasta The Hidden Door, which you may also know as “I Found a Hidden Door in My Cellar, And I Think I’ve Made a Big Mistake.” It’s a short and scary story about a couple who find (you guessed it) a hidden door while renovating the basement of their Victorian home.

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At first, they assume it connects their house to their neighbor’s, but they soon discover something much more horrifying lurking within. It’s a classic creepypasta – albeit pretty standard horror story fare — and we can’t wait to see how showrunner Nick Antosca expands it into a series.

Brandon Scott, Maria Sten, Steven Robertson and Steven Weber form the main cast. Scott and Sten will play Tom and Jillian, a married couple and childhood best friends whose marriage is threatened by secrets from the past. Robertson takes on the role of next door neighbor and psychology student Ian.

Weber plays Jillian’s psychologist Abel. According to the official release, “[Carnacki’s] quiet, controlled, almost hard to read tone is sometimes infuriating to Jillian, especially when she tries to talk to him about who – or what – was in that basement”.

It will be interesting to see where Antosca and director Evan Katz (Cheap Thrills, Small Crimes) will take The Dream Door. Adding a psychologist to the mix of characters suggests we could be in for a thriller of a season. Is there really something supernatural here, or is it all in Jillian’s head?

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In any case, based on the creepy characters in previous seasons Candle Cove, No-End House and Butcher’s Block, we’ll be getting some chilling characters and a good dose of nightmare fuel.

Channel Zero: The Dream Door premieres on SyFy later this year.