Carrie Coon joins The Sinner as new lead for season two


The Sinner books the award-winning actress, Carrie Coon, as its new lead for season two.

Jessica Biel set the bar high for the next actress to star in the critically acclaimed anthology series. Luckily, Carrie Coon is the perfect woman to take over for the upcoming season of The Sinner.

She joins Bill Pullman, the only cast member confirmed to be returning this year. His character, Detective Harry Ambrose is called back to his hometown in upstate New York when a particularly vicious murder occurs. An eleven-year-old boy murders his parents in cold blood, and Pullman can’t find any coherent motive. All of a sudden, he’s confronted with the darkness lurking underneath his small town.

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People trying to hide their secrets and a small town murder has become an increasingly popular storyline on television. Both Riverdale and Twin Peaks have thrived off the commentary about the darker side of seemingly perfect suburban towns. Yet, The Sinner plans to give Pullman a mysterious sparring partner to make things more complicated.

Carrie Coon will be Vera, the enigmatic but formidable woman who enters Pullman’s life. She is desperate to maintain the sense of perfection within her town but struggles to balance it with her own desires. As a leader of the community, she will definitely have sway with the people Pullman needs to interrogate for answers. She will undoubtedly stand in his way as he tries to unearth the truth.

USA Network also announced two more castings: Natalie Paul (The Deuce) and Hannah Gross (Mindhunter). Paul will play another detective who will probably befriend Pullman at some point and Gross is her high school friend who disappeared. It sounds like these two will have a few things to work out in their friendship.

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Coon took television audiences by storm with her leading role on HBO’s The Leftovers. Since then she’s gone on to star in season three of FX’s Fargo as well as nabbed supporting roles in The Post and Avengers: Infinity War. As disappointing as it is that Jessica Biel will only return as an executive producer on The Sinner, Carrie Coon is an excellent choice to take over.