Colony season 3 premiere review


On the season premiere of Colony, we see how the Bowman family is doing while attempting to survive out in the wild.

Will Bowman (Josh Holloway), his wife Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies), and their extended group have fled L.A. and are in the wilderness, trying to remain off the grid from both human security forces and patrol robots.

But as if often the case, this doesn’t last. Eventually, the Bowmans have to both fight and flight when their location becomes exposed.

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Colony takes place in a near dystopian America, where Los Angeles has fallen and rebels are seeking to restore the World they once knew.

The Bowman family is living in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest. The lush Pacific Northwest wild provides a much-needed change from most dystopian settings, which take place in bleak cities. While there is nothing wrong with that at all, the change of setting gives Colony a unique flavor.

Of course, if the show is called Colony, a wilderness aspect is much-needed. Because that is what colonization is all about; going into wild areas to conquer both the land and native population.

But Colony doesn’t feel like a plain dystopian story either. It incorporates more science fiction elements than something like The Hunger Games.

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Sarah Wayne Callies is also a natural fit for the series. She did a great job playing Rick Grimes’ wife Lori in the first few seasons of The Walking Dead. Josh Holloway is also well suited for the series, having had his break on television on the acclaimed drama Lost.

Colony airs on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m. EST on USA Network.