Walking Dead casting news hints at big upcoming storyline


The Walking Dead stuck really close to the comic books for the season 8 finale and it looks like that will keep up in season 9.

When the All-Out War ended in the comic books, Rick slit Negan’s throat but then saved his life and locked him up in a jail cell. The idea was to use Negan as an example to others that the survivors don’t kill but they will do worse and he tells Negan he will die behind bars.

When the war ended, the comics took a big time jump and recent photos from the set indicate that the Walking Dead TV show will also take a big time jump. Now, there is more news about what fans can expect from season 9.

Possible spoilers follow for the Walking Dead TV show and definitely for the comics.

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According to TV Line, a casting call went out that was looking for people to play characters named Magna and Yumiko. For those who don’t read the comics (and don’t mind being spoiled somewhat), those characters showed up right before the storyline with the Whisperers started.

Magma and Yumiko are part of another group and in a nice role reversal, they distrust Rick and company because there are some really bad people out there in the post-apocalyptic world. It seems that Rick will now try to be the benevolent leader and new groups of people will have to learn he is not another Negan or Governor.

Something else that is big about Magma and Yumiko is that they play a huge role in the battle against the Whisperers. There was some speculation that the Whisperers could be coming to Fear the Walking Dead instead of the main show and that TWD could move straight to the Commonwealth.

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With spies out everywhere, if there is a Commonwealth in season 9, The Walking Dead won’t be able to hide something that big. However, with Magma and Yumiko coming to the OG, the idea that The Whisperers are coming is growing more likely.