New trailer for Luke Cage season two introduces a terrifying villain


Netflix released a new trailer for the second season of Luke Cage which introduces a terrifying new villain.

Harlem is far from safe in the newest video the streaming network released for Luke Cage. While things seem to be peaceful at first, a new brawler has entered the streets ready to claim this part of New York as his own.

Who is this mysterious new bad guy? That would be legendary criminal, John McIver, who was created by infamous comics author Chris Claremont. It’s unclear whether McIver (played by Mustafa Shakir) will be portraying the Bushmaster or the Powermaster, however, his abilities will pack a punch either way. His first appearance in the trailer has him easily defeat Luke in hand-to-hand combat and causing the unbreakable man to bleed.

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Naturally, Claire is terrified for her boyfriend and Harlem with this man walking free. This wouldn’t be Luke Cage if the titular hero wasn’t ready to go to war over the city he loves. This time he won’t be doing it alone, with Misty Knight and presumably Danny Rand joining him. There are a few great shots in the video with Misty fighting with her new arm, making her a formidable partner for Luke. Danny isn’t seen at all in the trailer, but fans have long speculated he would appear as the Iron Fist.

Luke Cage has more than one villain to deal with this season though. Shades and Mariah are still trying to claim control of the underworld. Mariah is trying to take over Cottonmouth’s spot as the “Queen of Harlem” and she appears to be running his club. It’s exciting to know Harlem’s Paradise will still be open just for some fantastic musical numbers.

Will Luke be able to protect his neighborhood? The new trailer definitely raises the stakes for everyone in Harlem. It’s hard to imagine all of the heroes will make it out of this season unscathed. With so many villains going after Cage’s head, it’s safe to assume both Claire and Bobby Fish are in trouble. Marvel set a new tone for their MCU with Avengers: Infinity War and fans should no longer assume main characters are safe.

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What did you think about the new trailer? Tell us in the comments below and be sure to watch Luke Cage on Netflix. The second season premieres on the streaming network on June 22.