The Russo Brothers talk about ‘Deadly Class’ in first look trailer


The first look trailer for Deadly Class has some pretty famous faces stop by to talk about the series.

SYFY is making a push for higher quality programming and their latest comic book adaptation is looking promising. Originating from Image Comics, Deadly Class boasts an impressive young cast and an excellent creative team. In the first look trailer for the series, the Russo Brothers stop by to discuss their latest project.

After the success of Avengers: Infinity War, almost every comic book fan will tune into projects by them simply because the Russo name is attached. However,  the two seem to have taken genuine care when assembling their newest television venture.

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Deadly Class is centered around a school for young assassins, and it looks like SYFY plans to keep the violent aspects of the graphic novel around for the show. Rick Remender, the original author, has been tasked with bringing the adaptation to life alongside Miles Orion Feldsott. With Remender on board, fans can rest easy knowing he will keep the show relatively loyal to the source material.

In the video, we get our first glimpses of the characters who occupy this universe. Benjamin Wadsworth is playing the protagonist, Marcus, who is a homeless kid who ends up enrolling at the school. His classmates played by Lana Condor, Luke Tennie, and Maria Gabriela de Faria can be seen briefly as well as the headmaster, played by Benedict Wong.

The only character other than Marcus to get a lot of screen time in the clip is Billy. Fans of the Deadly Class comics will recognize the green-haired mohawk as one of the more beloved characters. Played by the underrated Liam James, he already looks like he’ll be a break-out star from the series.

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Not expected to debut until sometime next year, Deadly Class already looks impressive. From the trailer alone, the directing and sets look much nicer than some of the other shows. After the fan outrage over The Expanse getting cancelled, this show could help SYFY win back some viewers.

Did you like the trailer? Tell us in the comments below if you’ll be tuning in next year!