Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 5 recap: ‘Laura’


Fear The Walking Dead sheds some light on John’s backstory as we learn about his and Laura’s relationship in “Laura”.

Since this season of Fear The Walking Dead has begun and we met the intriguing character of John Dorie, we have heard him mention someone named Laura numerous times. This week’s episode is almost entirely a flashback to who John Dorie is, and how he and Laura meet and fall in love.

His life seems to play out in a routine from day-to-day, and he has created safety guards around the cabin he lives in to keep the walkers out. His day consists of breakfast, Scrabble, and some quality television time (who knew televisions were still working in the zombie apocalypse?)

Every night he struggles to sleep, and one particular night leads him outside to find Naomi, aka Laura. She has a deep gash near her stomach so he brings in and takes care of it while she is in and out of consciousness. Thus begins their short, but epic love story.

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When John wakes up the next day, his entire cabin is turned upside down and Naomi/Laura is nowhere to be found. When he does find her, he realizes she is looking for the keys to his car so she can get out of there. John has no intentions of getting in her way, but the car does not start when she tries to leave. Instead, John ends up tending to her wound and stitches it up, telling her he would like to call her Laura.

On their way to gather supplies, John opens up about his past telling her that he used to be a police officer. It is also during this outing, they learn about why more walkers were penetrating into the area around John’s cabin.

The two continue to bond as Naomi/Laura slowly lets down her guard. She joins him on his movie nights and asks him to teach her how to fish and indulges him in games of Scrabble. However, this domestic dream comes to a halt when she tells John she plans to leave once she has healed.

Credit: AMC

The devastating moment is set aside when they realize walkers have broken through again and go out to kill them. Laura almost becomes walker dinner but John shoots each and every one of them dead as they gather on top of her. John Dorie truly is a knight in shining armor.

Later that night, John hands over one of his pistols to her so she can protect herself when she is out on her own. And as much as he tries to keep a distance from her, he ends up telling her that he loves her but didn’t want to say anything if she is planning on leaving. One thing leads to another and the two end up kissing and sleeping together.

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But when John wakes up the next morning, he finds out she has left anyway, and left behind a message on the Scrabble board telling him she loves him too and she is sorry. Fast forward to the present, and we see John telling his story to Morgan who assures him that Laura/Naomi still loves him and is very much alive. And with that, the two set off in search of her.

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