Fear The Walking Dead’s Daniel Salazar still alive?


Fear the Walking Dead’s new co-producer confirms the return of Daniel Salazar.

It’s a topic many fans of AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead have been wondering since the premiere of Season 4. The Clark family, Strand, and even Luci, who’d been MIA for the back half of season 3, have all reunited since the dam explosion. One significant character, however, has been missing (let alone not even mentioned).

I am talking of course, about former barbershop owner, Daniel Salazar.

Well, we may have the first clue of his whereabouts, as new show co-producer Andrew Chambliss told Entertainment Weekly, “I think the thing we will say without giving away too much is that we definitely will be seeing Daniel Salazar in the Walking Dead universe.”

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That’s all the confirmation we need to know that Daniel will, in one way or another, be returning to Fear The Walking Dead. 

That begs the question– in what sort of capacity? One guess would be in the form of flashbacks. Season 4 has not been shy about jumping back and forth through time. Once Nick detonated the Gonzales Dam, Daniel had already taken a bullet to the face (courteous of Strand) and did not look like he’d be surviving too much longer.

“He is alive and out there,” Chambliss continued, adding doubts to flashback appearances only, “the details surrounding that are something that we’re still keeping under wraps.”

Well, the flashbacks theory is out the window–old flashbacks anyway.

This isn’t the first time Daniel went missing. His fate was left open at the midseason finale of Season 2 when he burnt down the Valle De Guadalupe estate, only to finally return in the third episode of Season 3 “TEOTWAWKI.”

Fear The Walking Dead’s Season 4 has already proven to bring plenty of changes, but the majority of our main characters have at least been present.

Time will tell how Daniel will end up finding his way to Texas to join the rest of the characters. Will he show up this season? With his wife and now his daughter deceased and the man responsible for shooting him still out there, what part will he have to play?

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The man has survived a fire, a bullet to the chin, and a dam explosion. That hasn’t put him down, not yet.

One thing’s for certain. Never count out Daniel Salazar.