13 Takeaways from 13 Reasons Why: ‘The Little Girl’


Each day, you will get a recap of one episode from 13 Reasons Why’s second season.

Here’s our recap of the eighth episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

1. Everyone listened to the tapes.
We know that at the end of the last episode, Clay anonymously released the tapes. We now know that he did it on the school district’s webpage, buried in the comments section of a post.

The fallout is immediate. Clay wakes up to dozens of texts from his “friends.” When he and Justin get to school, Justin thinks people are staring at him because he’s back, but it’s really because of what they heard on the tapes. Alex, Zach, and Jess are furious. The others on the tapes are furious, too, and want to have a meeting.

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2. Chloe’s starting to crack.
Obviously, Chloe listened to the tapes in 13 Reasons Why. She seems overwhelmed with the information and even overhears her friends talking about her in the bathroom. She begins to cry and runs into a stall, and the one she chose is the very one that contains the scribblings that say, “Jess is a slut.” and “Jess asked for it.” Overcome, Chloe takes a black sharpie and covers the horrible words. When Jess runs into the bathroom to cry because of the release of the tape, Chloe gives her a look as if she understands. Jess sees what Chloe did.

3. The list of Bryce haters is growing.
Now that the tapes are out, people hear another side to his original story. Not only that, but they know he also rapes Hannah. As Bryce and his buddies approach his locker, sprawled across it reads, “Rapist.” Then, when they get to his first class, kids are listening to the recordings. He’s visibly shaken.

Just a question though, where the heck are all the teachers? I never see any!

As retaliation, even though it may not have been Tyler, Bryce’s buddies lock Tyler in his dark room.

4. Justin relapses.
This is likely Bryce’s fault. Justin approaches Bryce and threatens to take down his former best bud. But Bryce, because he’s such a scumbag, tells him nothing will happen to him because he’s rich and has the best lawyer. He also tells Justin no one cares about him.

Soon after, Justin buys heroin and needle from some kid at school, and he overdoses at Clay’s house.

5. Alex saves Justin’s life.
Because Alex went to Clay’s to confront him about the tapes, because he assumes it was him who did it, he finds Justin laying on Clay’s bed, passed out, with a needle hanging out of his arm. It’s tough to watch even for 13 Reasons Why. Alex finds the strength, even with his limp arm, to turn him over, causing him to throw up. It saves his life.

6. Clay visits Skye.
Speaking of Clay, he misses the fallout from the tape release because Skye calls him out of the blue. He goes to see her at the mental health facility. She never responded to any of his messages because she didn’t have phone privileges, but she listened to every single one of them.

Skye reveals she is bipolar and will now live with her aunt and uncle out-of-state. She also assures Clay that he did nothing wrong, that her illness has nothing to do with him, and that she needs to move on.

7. The ribbon cutting ceremony had some fireworks.
Right before the ribbon-cutting ceremony, King Bryce in his baseball uniform is being paraded around by his parents, taking pictures with little kids, trying to drum up good publicity. Meanwhile, protesters, led by Jackie, chant and yell that Hannah deserved better.

Marcus, who is still getting blackmailed by somebody, outs Bryce as a rapist during a speech at the ceremony. As if on cue, Bryce threatens Marcus for doing it. But I think little by little, Bryce’s power is dwindling.

8. Someone is messing with Zach.
Zach gets strange, stalkerish pictures of his little sister in his locker and it freaks him out. He assumes it’s Tyler messing with him. We know Tyler wants to prank him, but when Zach threatens him, Tyler genuinely seems like he doesn’t know anything about it.

Zach is scared for his sister, so he takes her out of the ceremony before it starts, much to his mother’s pleas to stay. She needs to get on board and stop forcing him to stay friends with these goons!

9. Mr. Baker had an affair.
In other unnecessary storylines on 13 Reasons Why, apparently Hannah’s dad had an affair with Valerie before Hannah died, and she caught them. When Mr. Baker testified, the defense tried to make it seem like the affair could be a cause of Hannah’s depression. They’re so rotten.

10. Olivia testifies, too.
The defense attorney also twists Olivia’s testimony to show how she didn’t do enough to prevent her daughter’s suicide, which is despicable. The truth is, Olivia’s family has a minor history of anxiety, and Olivia herself sought help from a therapist from time-to-time. I need to say this disturbed me. Seeking help from a therapist, no matter how often, doesn’t mean someone is mentally ill. I felt like the defense tried to insinuate that. I know it’s a show that might not happen in real life, but that pissed me off.

11. Clay’s parents flip out.
Because he stole the tape recordings from his mom’s computer, which were watermarked, Clay is in a lot of hot water. His mom could get fired. But Clay knows that she’s tampered with texting records. As they bicker, Clay’s dad ends the conversation by calling them both children. Yikes.

12. Clay confronts ghost Hannah.
I know Hannah isn’t really standing in Clay’s room and he’s having imaginary conversations with her. His subconscious is trying to rationalize the actions he’s making through Hannah. She tells him, “I was hurting, and I didn’t think about who I might hurt.” And his response is “You did an evil thing.” I don’t think he means it. Maybe at that moment, he does, but he’s hurting because of the actions of someone he loved, and still does.

With that said, for something to be considered evil, the intent behind it was to cause harm. Hannah didn’t mean to cause harm to anyone but herself. For him to use the word “evil,” I think it came from a place of anger and hurt. He didn’t think before he said it.

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13. Justin goes home.
After overhearing Clay’s fight with his parents, Justin leaves the Jensens. He goes home, to his mother’s house. When he gets to the door, she almost seems happy. Is her loser boyfriend gone? Probably not for long.

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