Cobra Kai season 2 adds huge new cast member


Cobra Kai has already been renewed for a second season to the delight of Karate Kid fans everywhere.

To make the news even better, Deadline reports that Martin Kove will reprise his role as the original Cobra Kai sensei, John Krease.

Kove’s addition to the cast probably doesn’t come as a surprise for the folks who watched the season 1 finale.  The last scene has Krease coming to congratulate Johnny for his success and declaring Cobra Kai’s story has only just begun.

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Now the real question becomes what kind of role Krease will end up playing in season 2.  Johnny and Krease’s relationship ended rather badly at the beginning of Karate Kid Part II.  

Krease, furious at Johnny over his loss to Daniel, straight up chokes him after Johnny declared he was sick and a loser.  This, along with Krease’s subsequent humiliating to defeat to Mr. Miyagi, served as the catalyst for the dojo’s original downward spiral.

So with that kind of history, how will Krease fit in with the new version of Cobra Kai?

Chances are Krease won’t be publicly involved with things given that his actions led to Cobra Kai being banned in the first place, so his participation would be behind the scenes at best.

Another possible scenario is that Krease becomes another source of corruption for Johnny’s newest star student Miguel.  Miguel could very well go through season 2 with a vendetta against the Larusso’s, both for Daniel’s opposition against Cobra Kai as well as Daniel’s daughter Samantha breaking up with him, which Krease could very well use against him for his own Vendetta against Daniel.

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Season 2 of Cobra Kai will premiere on Youtube Red sometime in 2019.

What do you Krease’s role in the show will be?  Give us your thoughts in the comment section.