The Terror’s end and future fate


Will The Terror get a second season? Possibly.

* Caution, spoilers ahead for The Terror *

Historical shows based on true events inevitable have a limited shelf life.

Based on the book by Dan Simmons and the true story of the ill-fated crew of the HMS Terror and Erebus in 1845 to find the northwest passage, The Terror is no exception. History can only be stretched so far, though according to an article in TV Guide, the show may still see a season 2.

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In the article, Soo Hugh states:

"“When AMC greenlit the show now almost three years ago, they greenlit it as an anthology show, meaning Season 1 would be the story of the Franklin Expedition, and subsequent seasons would take on a new narrative that carried the DNA that we established in Season 2."

She also said in the interview that she and her fellow co-creator, David Kajganich, would not be returning for another season.

So, it sounds to me like the idea for a second season doesn’t have a firm foundation and the future of The Terror is precarious at best. This known, should it continue, or should the series end on a relatively strong note, with strong leadership and decent writing as a limited series?

That cast was phenomenal, the script good, the only real low point of season one was showing the monster terrorizing the crew; which made the phantom fear hanging over their head a little less frightening and just a tad bit silly. The creature showed an ill-conceived concept brought to life with sub-par CGI work.

To be honest, the show didn’t need another boogie man. The threat of starvation, the men slowly sinking into madness, and the continued struggle to survive in an unforgiving wasteland was a strong enough premise on their own. The addition of the beast seemed unnecessary and even a bit hokey in an otherwise high brow historical drama.

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So in conclusion, I’d rather The Terror end now, instead of petering out like other historically based series have done in the past. The show shouldn’t go on, but it had an excellent run.

Despite my feelings, worry not, we will definitely continue to bring you all the latest in The Terror news here at Show Snob.