13 Takeaways from 13 Reasons Why: ‘The Missing Page’


Each day, you will get a recap of one episode from 13 Reasons Why’s second season.

Here’s our recap of the ninth episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

1. Mr. Porter is the first adult to admit the truth.
Finally, an adult acts like an adult on this series and tells the truth. Kevin Porter clearly struggled throughout this entire season. And before his court appearance, he struggled with what the school wanted him to say and what he knew to be right. He admits that he could have done more. “She didn’t just leave; I let her go.” He’s taking responsibility for his part in what happened to Hannah.

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We see him crumble on the stand, which breaks my heart. He tells Mrs. Baker, “I didn’t mean to let your daughter down. I’m sorry.” Just tear my heart out, why don’t you. Kevin Porter is a good person and his reactions this season are completely normal. He knew from the beginning of 13 Reasons Why he should have been better. Yes, he followed school protocol, but he recognizes the school policy needs to change.

2. The cat’s out of the bag.
Another revelation Mr. Porter revealed on the stand was Hannah’s rapist. While bitchy defense attorney tries to avoid the name being uttered in court, a simple redirect of questioning allowed Mr. Porter to say the words. Though he didn’t know it when Hannah met with him, he came to know later that Hannah’s rapist was BRYCE WALKER.

3. Chloe wises up.
After listening to the tapes, Chloe stands Bryce up for brunch with his parents. The next day at school, she apologizes for not showing up and uses the excuse that she had to babysit her little sister. Bryce invites her to Italy for the summer. At first, she’s excited, but then snaps back into it and resumes her coldness. When Zach approaches her later on, asking her if she’s OK, she says that she believes Bryce. I don’t think she does, though.

4. Clay is called to the principal’s office.
Just as Bryce stops Clay in the hall, assuming to make yet another threat, Clay gets called into the principal’s office. The boss man is concerned about Clay for not showing up to school the day the tapes were released. Clay is mad about everyone in school being banned from talking about suicide. The principal is worried about the tapes glorifying suicide which he’s absolutely right to have those concerns. Still, Clay urges him to listen to the tapes, because the tapes don’t so much glorify suicide, they speak to other problems the school ignores, like bullying.

5. Clay in A.S.S. class
The principal changes Clay’s schedule so that he has to take Mr. Porter’s Alternate Strategies and Solutions class, or A.S.S. for short. He meets Tyler and Cyrus in the class. And Cyrus concentrates on recruiting Clay into their crew of outcasts.

6. Clay gets beat up
After gym class, four guys in hockey helmets beat the crap out of him in the locker room. It’s terrifying and upsetting. Why does this kid keep getting beat up on 13 Reasons Why?

After that, Tyler and Cyrus catch him outside, and Clay is angry enough to agree to help them with an epic prank that night to “get back their power.”

The prank ends up being burning the word “rapists” into the field.

7. Clay finds the clubhouse!
As Clay, Tyler, and Cyrus graffiti the baseball field that night, they see a bunch of loud kids enter the field from the outfield and walk through a fence. Then they open the door to a hidden structure and go in. Clay knows that has to be the clubhouse. He leaves, but not before texting Justin to help him.

8. Justin tries to leave…again.
The only problem is with Clay asking for Justin’s help, is Justin is about to skip town. At home with his mom, he repeatedly tells her she needs to leave the drug dealer boyfriend. She won’t go. He finds a secret stash of money and heads out to the bus stop, but not before his mom begs him to stay, saying her boyfriend will kill her. I know she believes it. Again, Justin urges her to leave. At the bus stop, he receives a ton of texts from Clay about the clubhouse, and he stays.

9. Jess tries to move on.
Jess is spending a lot of time with Nina and her friends. Nina encourages her to talk to one of the guys in the group that she knows is interested in Jess. Damon seems like a nice guy, very complimentary of her. Jess takes control and kisses him. This is definitely a huge step for her moving on. But just as the kiss happens, her dad pulls up and catches the encounter.

After her dad asks her why she would put herself out there after all she’s been through, she said she just wanted to try to move past her rape and wanted to put herself out there again. I hate that her dad said that in that way to her. She didn’t do anything wrong to get raped. The guy who didn’t shouldn’t have raped her, period. It insinuates her taking charge and kissing the boy first means she’s asking for it. Maybe I’m too sensitive. I hope he just means she’s not ready because she’s still dealing with her issues. Let’s go with that.

10. Tyler goes on a date with Cyrus’s sister.
It doesn’t end well. After Tyler and Mackenzie kiss, let’s just say he needed a new pair of pants. I’m not sure what this plot point has anything to do with the story.

11. Alex takes a job at the pharmacy.
Now that Alex is stronger than he thought, he asks Mrs. Baker for a job at the pharmacy. Good for him! Will he replace Tony as her teenage therapist?

12. Someone vandalizes Tony’s car.
Now someone is out to get Tony in 13 Reasons Why. After a day date with Caleb, he finds his gorgeous car destroyed. He loses his mind. He punches Caleb in the face; Caleb punches him back. Tony ends up crying in Caleb’s arms. Seriously, is this the same group of people beating people up, destroying property, and sending threatening notes?

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13. Mystery girl enters the mix.
After seeing a woman and a younger girl walk past the pharmacy window, Mrs. Baker shows up at a hotel room and seemingly begs “Sarah” not to testify. Who is Sarah? We know people bullied Hannah at her previous school, so, is Sarah from their old life?

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