13 Takeaways from 13 Reasons Why: ‘Bryce and Chloe’


Each day, you will get a recap of one episode from 13 Reasons Why’s second season.

Here’s our recap of the eleventh episode of the second season of 13 Reasons Why.

1. Bryce flat-out lies on the stand.
Would you expect anything less from this guy? Bryce claims he and Hannah had an on-again, off-again relationship. They would talk, look at the stars, make out, and make love. Ew! Bryce doesn’t know what love is. He said he could tell that Hannah was a troubled girl.

Then the Bakers’ lawyer questions Bryce about whether or not Hannah gave consent to sex in the hot tub. He admits she didn’t say “yes” or give affirmative hand gestures. The lawyer asks, “Then you had sex with her against her will, isn’t that correct?” Bryce replies, “I knew she wanted it.”

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During his testimony, Chloe can’t take anymore and leaves. And when Bryce says he would never hurt any girl, especially when he has a mom and girlfriend, he sees the empty chair. His goons are waiting for him after his testimony, which is ridiculous.

2. Chloe sees the Polaroid.
Jess knows she can’t go back on the stand, but she knows a way to refute Bryce’s testimony. She brings the Polaroid to Chloe and asks her to testify. The way Jess talks to her, she sounds so supportive. I think Jess has come a long way and now she can help other victims in 13 Reasons Why.

Mrs. Baker and her lawyer then meet with Chloe and her mom to prep her. But something tells me either Chloe may not show up. She does but then testifies that Bryce didn’t rape her.

I want to be mad at Chloe here, but I understand how victims sometimes have a hard time admitting to themselves that they have been raped. And Chloe’s boyfriend did it to her. She’s conflicted because she loves him, or thinks she does. No one can force her to tell her story. She has to be ready.

3. Zach stands up to the baseball coach.
If you want an example of how ass-backward this school is, take the baseball coach. He tells Zach he needs to be there for Bryce like the coach was there for him last summer when his dad died. Zach stood up to him and said, “If you were any kind of ‘father’ to this team, you would have stopped their bullshit years ago.” Zach has come a long way in 13 Reasons Why, and this proves it.

4. Clay descends into craziness.
Ghost Hannah is more confusing than ever. I don’t believe she is actually a ghost, but Clay’s hallucination. He never fully accepted her death and never truly felt it. When Bryce testifies, Clay struggles with whether or not he’s lying. And ghost Hannah makes it worse by telling him she was in love with Bryce.

After Chloe’s testimony, he can’t take it anymore.

5. Tyler teaches Clay how to shoot.
Tyler sees how badly Clay is hurting, so he takes him to shoot in his not-so-secret spot on his neighbor’s property. Clay feels better, but when the neighbor calls the cops, Tyler screams that they need to leave quickly. Clay freezes, making it too late for him to give the gun back to Tyler and he ends up taking it home.

6. Jess shows Nina the Polaroid.
Jess assumed the picture of Nina in the clubhouse was from the night of her assault. Nina admits that she may not be over her rape and that she cheated on her boyfriend. I feel so sorry for Nina. She tried to be there for Jess, but right now she needs to take care of herself.

7. Alex gets a package with a gun.
Some psycho sends Alex a gun with the note, “How can you live with yourself.” I’m guessing it’s the same person who left the bullet in his locker. While it’s messed up, it helps Alex remember the lost memory of him and Montgomery hearing Hannah being raped from Bryce’s pool house. It’s probably the reason he tried to take his own life last season.

8. There’s a big brawl.
I loved this scene. Justin called Bryce out for lying, and it starts a huge fight between Bryce his goons, Justin, Clay, Alex, Zach, Tony, Tyler, Cyrus, and the punks. The tension had been building the entire season, and this was the breaking point. Courtney and Ryan have a brief eye-rolled exchange, and she pulls the fire alarm. They all end up in detention.

9. Someone steals the Polaroid box.
After the boys serve their detention from the fight, they find that someone broke into Clay’s car and stole the box of Polaroids.

10. What really happened between Bryce and Hannah.
During Bryce’s testimony, we see a flashback of him and Hannah at the bridge, where it looks like Hannah is the seductress and that his parents are never around. It’s actually Bryce, not Hannah that feels this way. They also don’t have sex in the clubhouse; she rejects Bryce, telling him she likes him as a friend.

11. Bryce gets real with his mom.
We know that Bryce’s mom seems to be on to him. When she confronts him about Hannah, saying, “Was she just another thing you wanted?” Bryce angrily describes the rape to her. She slaps him. It’s disturbing and uncomfortable to watch. Then, as he thinks about Hannah rejecting him in the hot tub, and taking her anyway, he gets… turned on. I’m disgusted.

12. Hannah is a hallucination.
I think it’s clear now that Clay has mental issues and is spiraling out of control. Now, the only thing ghost Hannah is saying to him is the repetition of Bryce’s tape. It’s driving him mad, and I’m afraid for him.

13. Clay shows up at Bryce’s house.
Clay calls Justin and tells him to meet him at Bryce’s house with his car. He has the gun he stole from Tyler, and he’s walking like he’s on a mission. He wants justice for Hannah, and he convinces himself the only way to get it is by shooting Bryce.

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Just as Clay gets there, Justin pulls up. The intense encounter is interrupted by Bryce who comes out his front door. Clay points the gun at Justin, at Bryce, and then at himself as ghost Hannah screams in his face. Justin then says, “Listen, Clay, I know you loved her, but she’s gone. And going in there and hurting Bryce now is not going to bring her back. She’s gone.”

It’s just what Clay needs to hear to snap out of it. He lowers the gun.

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