The Walking Dead spoilers: Season 9 confirmed to have a big time jump


There have been a lot of rumors that The Walking Dead season 9 would have a major time jump.

This happened in the comic books after the All-Out War and it looks like it is happening on The Walking Dead TV show as well.

According to Spoiling Dead Fans, a Facebook group that has people watching the filming of the series as well as contacts on the inside, the ninth season of The Walking Dead will kick off 12 to 18 months after the end of season eight.

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The way this is determined is that the script for episode one of the new season has Baby Herschel alive and well. It also said that he will be between six months and a year old. That means that Maggie will have the baby and it will have had half a year to a year to grow, putting the timeline for season 9 at over a year gone by.

This news also comes after the breaking news that Andrew Lincoln will likely leave the show after the upcoming season — taking Rick Grimes out of the story where he has served as the lead protagonist since the start of the very first episode.

With Lauren Cohan also likely leaving if her new network series Whiskey Cavalier is a success, this means that Rick and Maggie will both depart the show whereas, in the comics, they are still the two biggest leaders still alive.

In the comics, the story after the All-Out War picks up months later when Rick has started to rebuild and create a new society for his people to live in. Negan, the villain from the last two seasons, remains locked up in a jail cell to show everyone that they will punish for crimes against them but not lower themselves to the level of murderers themselves.

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With The Walking Dead season 8 ending with Daryl, Maggie and Jesus plotting against Rick when it comes to keeping Negan alive or not, it makes one wonder if that internal conflict is what will lead to Rick and/or Maggie dying.

Whatever happens, things are about to change drastically on The Walking Dead, even if some things from the comics — like a time jump — remain the same.