Brockmire to Live Tweet throughout Game 3 of the NBA Finals


The NBA Finals have been one of the most controversial in modern times and now Brockmire will weigh in.

Rule changes and historical blunders from this series will be discussed for years to come. Game 3 of the NBA Finals is on Wednesday night. Usually, this is time reserved solely for watching Brockmire on IFC. This week, Brockmire is taking his game to Twitter instead of airing at 9 PM EST.

As the number of fans and viewers to IFC’s hit show continues to grow the expectations have increased as well. With many of the unresolved issues of Jules storming out and Brockmire being verbally scratch by a voodoo woman still lingering, IFC has postponed the season 2 finale.

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And fans rejoice? Brockmire is going to live tweet the NBA Finals Wednesday night? Oh, rejoice we shall! The narratives going into the NBA Finals Game 3 battle in Cleveland are borderline toxic. Cameras are spending minutes on LeBron and JR Smith not speaking on the bench. Golden State has looked mortal every series this year.

Fans can catch all the Brockmire zingers and analysis from the NBA Finals by following  @BrockmireIFC. The next new episode, titled “Caught in a Rundown,” will air on June 13. The season 2 finale, “In the Cellar” airing on June 20.

This decision by IFC should pay big dividends. The NBA Finals will be over this time next week. Sports fans will have only MLS soccer to look forward to unless they are true baseball fans. With this fresh new angle on marketing the show, IFC has again shown that it’s forward thinking shows are being allowed to find their voice as IFC finds a larger market share.

The authenticity of the Jim Brockmire wit will be amusing if not insightful. Hank Azaria is no slouch when it comes to reliable sports knowledge. While in character, Azaria has handled being in real booths before with the Mets and ESPN.

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With Brockmire renewed through the fourth season, Azaria as Brockmire doing a game near you will give the IFC show life beyond the scripted weekly show. That additional expansion pack of Brockmire should excite the existing audience far more than any disappointment from the show’s delay by a week.

Source: Deadline