Fear The Walking Dead season 4, episode 7 recap: ‘The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now’


Fear The Walking Dead finally clears up some lingering mysteries of season four as we learn about the fall of the Stadium.

We are just a few days away from the season four midseason finale–say what? I’m not sure how the time flew by, but alas here we are. In a similar, slightly less confusing manner as WestworldFear The Walking Dead has trying to interpret and understand multiple timelines. We know we have the “future timeline”, the “sort of in the past timeline”, and maybe one another.

It’s been entertaining trying to piece together what the future is depicted a certain way and seeing the past to understand how it all comes together. This week we finally know how the Stadium falls and how the Vultures played a part in it. However, we’re still not certain why there is no Madison in the future timeline–please don’t be dead!

Credit: AMC

If you recall, we last knew the Vultures were leaving the Stadium area after a conversation with Madison, but it appears Charlie didn’t go with them and is asking for help. Mel is injured after fighting with his brother and needs medical attention. Sketch, right?

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Of course, this group is always more emotional than logical and Madison decides to help him out–knowing he could very well turn on them at any time. Mel brings a warning with him stating that his brother is determined to bring the Stadium down–and we suddenly understand the type of person Mel is. He isn’t the villain of the story–but just a scorned individual trying to prevent Madison from the same hell that once fell upon him.

During the course of the season, there have been flags posted around with numbers on them (765 is the highest number they find). They represent the number of walkers that the Vultures have managed to gather and herd. And basically, the Vultures want to bring the walkers to the Stadium so they can have an easier time taking it down.

Credit: AMC

Unfortunately, Ennis shows up in front of the Stadium and is ready to burn the Stadium down. Meanwhile, Mel is insisting he take Charlie with him when he leaves but Madison refuses and sends him out of the Stadium–injured and alone. Feeling bad about Charlie’s reaction to all this, Nick and Alicia decide to go out and look for him and help him.

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And even though they successfully find Mel, they find themselves completely surrounded by walkers, courtesy of Ennis. And in all this hoopla, I am still wondering what will come of Madison since there is no sign of her in the present. In the very same present that everyone is fighting against the Vultures.

Of course, we know that John gets injured during this scuffle, and Morgan and Naomi try to help with his injuries. And we’re pretty much left with a horrible feeling in the pit of our stomach–because what the hell is going to happen!? And how did the future end up so different from the past we were comfortable with?! One more week, guys–and then maybe we’ll have some answers.

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