Dietland season 1, episode 3 recap: ‘Y Not’


This week on Dietland, Plum goes down the withdrawal rabbit hole.

Uh oh, things are getting a bit crazy for Plum on Dietland. After meeting with Verena Baptist last week, she is now a part of a secret program that is destined to change Plum’s life forever. Part of the plan? Plum has to stop taking a medicine called “Y,” which is an antidepressant.

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Instead of weaning herself off of it, Plum stops taking it cold turkey, and things take a rather strange turn for her as she experiences the outlandish symptoms of withdrawal.

As she begins her detox, she tells Verena she has flushed the pills down the toilet and is ready to do this. Verena advises her to get another prescription because this won’t end well for her.

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Jennifer continues to wreak havoc on the town as they eliminate more unruly, unkempt men. Bodies are literally falling out of the sky, and the capture of 12 men has them on national news as each man gives a testimony about his heinous and horrible crimes, including sexual assault and pedophilia.

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Steven, Plum’s friend, offers to take care of her since she will be experiencing some strong symptoms from going cold turkey. He is very skeptical of Verena and is worried that Plum did not look into her enough before decided to go with her plan. But she wants that weight-loss surgery, at any cost.

Plum’s hallucinations make for some hilarious moments on this week’s episode, including one of a Bengal tiger she gets intimate with. The episode is also a stark reminder of the struggles that many people face when they are overweight–including low self-esteem.

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And instead of calling Steven to come to her rescue, Plum ends up calling Dominic the Detective. And as she passes out in another moment of deep slumber, he begins snooping through her computer to make sure she is not a part of the hacking.

And because she is no longer taking the “Y”, Plum is suddenly faced with so many emotions and talking freely about negative some of them are. And it helps her open up to Steven and her mother about what she feels and that they don’t always understand where she is coming from.

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And then there’s Kitty. Relentless, rude, condescending Kitty. She wants next to nothing to do with the disappearance of Malleck and things are just getting more and more complicated as she suspects Plum to be behind the hacking. There is still a lot to cover on this season of Dietland and we hope that, very soon, we get to see more of the vigilante group taking over the show (because they are so badass!).

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